Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Takes on Apple in China

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Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Xiaomi CEO and Founder Lei Jun discusses the company's growth and competition with Apple on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "bloomberg west." i'm emily chang.smartphone maker xiaomi has already claimed a larger share of the chinese smartphone market than the apple iphone.

Lei jun announce a new smart phone and a 47 inch smartheat he will run on the android operating system.

"bloomberg west" got exclusive access to the rotten valley, and are owned stephen engle sat down in beijing today.

Take a listen.

With a young steve jobs-like haircut, 42-year-old xiaomi founder lei jun has cultivated an apple-like frenzy in china for his smartphone upstart.

Xiaomi's fanatics are known as a play on the play on words mandarin and rice noodle.

He has lots of new friends, but just don't call him the steve jobs of china.

A lot of people think we are china's apple.

I feel this only captures part of it.

I feel we are very different from apple, and probably more like amazon's kindle, selling hardware at kos and then stacking services on top of the hardware part in terms of art style, ok, we're more like apple.

So we are a little moral like both.

Except that xiaomi only started selling online two months ago.

They beat apple in china and -- i can say that we are profitable.

So with apple readying a lower plies -- a lower price iphone for china, i asked which one would win here.

It is easier to use and more human.

Apple is more expensive, and there had that is higher- quality, but xiaomi's system is better.

In terms of utility, i think xiaomi is better.

It is more suited for chinese people.

Why would a young chinese be -- person picked this one over this one?

The iphone5. i think first of all it is cheap.

[laughter] that is number one.

Yes, that is number one.

Lei jun is not going to be number one.

He hired away hugo "bloomberg west barra , but he said there are no plans for an ipo and he is not seeking orders for company that is solid at about $10 billion.

I am actually not that interested in being a big company.

I hope to be a good company, focusing seriously on a few products.

This is my personal goal.

I hope to have a small company where i can be at the front line of the product line.

I have no interest in being a boss.

Market demand maybe the opposing force here.

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