Smartphone Competition Heats up in `Tech-Tember'

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Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg West Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson looks ahead to the new smartphone product releases expected in September as competition intensifies with rumors of a wearable product from Samsung and a new iPhone from Apple. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

To have the ceo on the stage, that is not how products used to be launched.

But as the smartphone business has grown with apple as an innovator in that business and samsung taking over the leadership role in terms of unit shipments, we have seen these big announcements.

These big events to mark on your calendar to mark, and it has been everyone from investors to gadget heads to shoppers looking to these to see what to buy.

Samsung has been taking over apple's role, which had been a leader in smartphones.

But as the industry has grown and smartphones have penetrated a much larger segment of the pot -- of the population, samsung has dominated.

Next week, it might even include some kind of where all the rights coming from samsung -- if wearable device coming from samsung.

What about when the release of a new iphone drove just about everybody to an upgrade or to buy one for the first time?

That is not happening anymore.

The the cycle continues to drive sales, but what happened with apple in particular, it was an emerging market.

In addition to launching a new phone, they would launch a new market.

They're continuing to expand across the world until they ran out of markets to expand to.

One thing we see in the apple releases is that it would initially be in one country, then three countries, then five countries, than a dozen.

-- then a dozen.

But the rivalry between apple and samsung, samsung has been innovating faster, releasing faster upgrades.

Every 18 months there has been an upgraded to the back with apple, every 24 months.

-- instead of with apple, every 24 months.

What we have seen from apple's results in particular is big jobs when they release a new product.

And i think investors are counting on that when they figure in the models what apple is going to do.

And let's talk about this other market that does not yet really exist, wearable computing.

The idea that your watch will be able to do things you've never seen a watch do before.

There are a couple of ways to look at this.

There are some aware of all devices that have garnered -- some wearable devices that have garnered attention.

Commando from some venture- capital is that -- i understand from some venture capitalists that they are working on several.

Yet nike -- you have nike and other companies working on navigation on the risk.

Something from samsung or apple.

When you think about wearables, it will be different from the platform of computing.

10 years ago, they were thinking about a different form for computing.

Apple is working on something that will go on your wrist.

Google is working on something on glass, right, that you can wear on your head.

Is not the idea of better glasses or a better watch, but a new place for computing to go that did not exist before.

Samsung may be getting into the market first next week with a where bold device.

-- wearable device.

When apple released just a couple of years ago, we were looking for an e-reader.

We understand the tablet is so much more than just an e-reader.

We might think of a smart watched in the same terms.

Thank you, cory johnson.

You can watch "bloomberg west" and cory johnson at 1:00 p.m. eastern, 10:00 p.m. pacific, and also at 6:00 p.m. eastern and 11:00 p.m. eastern.

When we come back, this is a company that looks for clothing, bars, and restaurants, and tells them how to do it.

He will tell me how he built his business from a modest lunt -- modest newsletter to a nearly $100 million per year e-commerce company.


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