Smart Calenders: Putting Your Day in Context

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Alminder Founder Max Wheeler discusses the company's smart calender product on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

-- letting the right people know where you need to be.

These people make a product called the mind calendar.

Max, i guess i am curious about -- we all know that this is an issue, obviously all the major -- google has their answer, their calendar for android, apple has their own thing.

What is the big problem that is not met when this is recognized as a problem?

It is the whole reason why people need personal assistance, right?

A calendar is just a static record of what you have going on, but you need help getting through your busy day.

It is about telling you where you need to go into you will be meeting with and the information needed to be successful.

What is intriguing about your product is not just that it takes a different crack at organizing schedules, but it uses new technology to do so.

What kinds of technologies are you using and incorporating into the calendar?

We are merging your smartphone with your calendar.

Learning for your home and work is, where traffic and time -- where the traffic is.

Backing up just a little bit, this is a wild, trippy idea.

Talk to me about that.

We look at where you currently are at, where you want to go based on your calendar, we can look at, based on historical traffic, how long it will take to get there.

As you get closer and closer to leaving you will be getting real-time traffic reports that tell you when to leave.

If the traffic it's really bad, we will let you know.

Leave a little bit early.

Also interesting to me, how work has changed.

How has the worklife of people change?

Becoming more demanding and complex?

There are no real boundaries and barriers between work and life anymore.

You can go to your kids music performance during the day, work until midnight, 1:00 a.m.. everything is kind of mixed together, which is why your calendar is now a mixture of

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