Sky Deutschland Misses on Pretax Profit

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Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Ryan Chilcote reports earnings for Sky Deutschland, which is reviewing and evaluating BSkyB’s tender offer to shareholders. He speaks to Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Machinations to us.

A narrow miss, it came in at 45.3 million euros.

I don't think it is a huge issue.

Nonetheless, it's a narrow miss, the same thing for sales.

They took on 82,000 customers in the second quarter, so interesting results.

The big issue is what they had to say about the deal.

As you pointed out, b-sky-b has offered to buy fox's 57 percent stake in skied door slam.

Not all the investors are happy about that.

They say there is no -- in sky deutschland.

One has to wonder if the whole idea of fox selling its stake to b-sky-b was to raise money to buy time warner, what does it mean if fox is no longer interested in buying time warner?

What does it mean for this deal?

I think it will be an interesting stock to watch today . also interesting to see what happens with liberty global which is competing with them.

It will come down to the higher valuation.

Still possibly it's what murdoch wants, which is that dan european tied up with synergies.

John malone could come and make that deal.

Thank you very much.

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