Ski Industry Thrives as Snow, Cash Pile High

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Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Tim Mueller, president at Okemo Mountain Resort, discusses how increasing prices and competition are impacting the ski industry on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

What is the value proposition?

Difference between flying and driving.

4 hours from new york, 2.5 hours from hartford.

Three hours from boston.

A lot easier to drive than it is to fly and cheaper, too.

These are you proposition and the quality proposition -- these value proposition and the quality proposition is that it is closer and easier to get to.

In a year like this when you don't have to makes no, what does that do to the profitability of a mountain like okemo.

We have great snow making, we don't need to have good conditions.

We just invested and started a program this year, we invested over $1 million in technology and snowmaking.

Between snowmaking and the snow we have had, which has been good, we had a great snow storm this last week.

Skiing is great.

You think i am expensive.

We took the drive, we went to okemo for five years.

My family was skiing.

Are people doing the drive like they used to?

Are people skiing 10 times a year in northern new england?

Yes, depending who they are.

Skiers, you have people that ski every weekend.

There are second homeowners here, they come up more often.

You have the people who, one or two weekends a year, maybe for

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