Single Gunman at LAX a Sigh of Relief: Falkenrath

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath comment on the shooting at LAX. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

The chertoff group.

These checkpoints are secured by tsa officers.

They are unarmed civilians.

Their job is to check bags.

They are not trained with the use of legal force.

Typically, each airport checkpoint will have an armed officer on duty to support the screeners.

What it appears happened here was, there was a very rapid law enforcement response to the shooting incident, focusing on, if these reports are correct, the wounding of the individual who opened fire on the tsa screeners.

If the facts we have now are correct, what is the significance of a single gunman versus multiple?

If there is only one gunman, it is a major sigh of relief.

A single gunman scenario, we have had a large number of these in the united states.

They typically are disgruntled workers, people with emotional problems, a grudge.

Whatever the cause may be, they are much less interest to the wider area than a multiple gunman situation.

The police assume the worst at first.

That is one of the reasons you see the massive response at l.a.x., the evacuation of the passengers and the careful checking of the area to make absolutely certain there is only a single person involved.

I hate to put it this way.

From a law-enforcement standpoint, that is the best case in a situation like this.

How our police trained to respond?

You just alluded to it.

Terminal three is closed.

It is being evacuated.

What else is going on behind the scenes?

The first thing all law- enforcement officers are trained to do is respond to the threat directly.

If they see or hear a shooting, they will go directly at that event and try to resolve it by use of force if necessary.

My suspicion, once this comes out, is that that will be what happens.

Once the immediate threat is resolved, there are many other issues that have to be dealt with.

What you are seeing in the video is a large mobilization of law enforcement, emergency management, fire, emt's. they will create an inner perimeter which they will try to patrol, and check people when they leave, to make sure they are not injured or witnesses or involved in the shooting.

The outer perimeter is where people are evacuated to.

Once they get control of the scene, the investigation begins, and anyone injured will receive medical treatment appropriate for their injuries.

You and i have had this conversation far too many times recently.

What does all of this say about safety and security in this country?

We really have, and it is a terrible commentary about america that we have this frequency of shooting incidents.

In my opinion, that is not the primary driver of this.

We have an unusually high incidence of shooting incidents like this compared to peer companies around the world.

It is a dreadful commentary.

We are, by and large, a safe country.

These things are exceptional and attract our attention because they are so extraordinary.

But the frequency with which we have been talking about this on television is unacceptable.

The former head of

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