Silver Lake Said Near Purchase of IMG Worldwide

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci reports the latest on the Silver Lake purchase of IMG Worldwide that will create a massive talent agency combining movie stars and models with sports figures. She speaks to Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


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We have breaking news.

Let's go to christina.

We are hearing that silver lake is actually the winner in a long auction process for the talent agency img, which has that college sports business that is very profitable.

A major investor in the william morris endeavor, they call themselves the biggest talent agency out there, run by ari emanuel.

Here we see, potentially, a merger of wme and img, which would create a massive talent agency, not just for movie stars and models, but again this sports business that they have that is very profitable.

Look, on the william morris side of things, they have already pulled off a successful merger with endeavor, so they are taking that success and hoping to replicate it here, but the problem is that img is a pretty big fish to swallow.

If they have a lot of agents and they have to put a lot of debt on the company to finance this deal, a major concern here is that one of the big things was pulling off the deal and we will have to see how it plays out in the long term, but this is a major coup right now for ari emanuel and four silver lake as well.

Ari emanuel could cash out?

$2.3 billion is the price they are looking at?

Wme and silver lake will buy img for two $.3 billion.

While that is a big price, they were seeking an even bigger price when the whole process started.

Img, of course a portfolio company of her private equity firm.

Forstmann and little wanted to sell itself for north of $2.6

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