Ari Emanuel an Even Bigger Deal Now With IMG Deal

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Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Silver Lake Management LLC and William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC agreed to buy talent agency IMG Worldwide Inc. from Forstmann Little & Co. for about $2.4 billion, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said. Cristina Alesci reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

For more than $2 billion.

Cristina alesci is inside on the toss.

It is an interesting deal and has as big names as you could imagine.

Class absolutely.

If there's one thing you need to know about the deal, if you thought emmanuel was a big deal for this deal, he is an even bigger deal now.

He is going to be combining william morris endeavor with ing , diversifying his business, really, away from hollywood, and it in addition to having the agency business, he will now have a very big sports business and not just on the agency side, but also on the licensing side.

They are getting into a much different business right now.

Silver lake, how it plays into this, is that they back emmanuel back in 2002. the inspiration for ari gold in entourage.

Class exactly, a caricature.

Correct every that the character.

You could see.

Class i do not want to know what that night was like.

In a full disclosure, i am a client of img.

The very bottom of the list of its stars.

Tell me who the biggest stars are.

Class d manning, you name it, they have the big man sphere that is the month -- not the most profitable part of the business.

It is the college sports business they have that licenses all kinds of things related to college sports teams.

In addition, they would say they have nationalized local sports and brought in big national sponsors to locals or schemes and this is the driving force behind our growth for quite some time.

It is one of the major region -- reasons silver lake one of the business.

There will be significant challenges.

A big count -- a big character.

He has pulled off mergers before.

Endeavor bought william morris, a bigger shop ear again.

He is going after a bigger fish.

Not only will he have to write -- to digest all of that, but he is putting debt on this business.

Between 1.5 and $2 billion of debt on the business.

Lesson has got to be pretty steady from these businesses as well.

Class absolutely but you have got to pay your guys.

All of his agents are thinking, what will happen?

There will are definitely going to be cost cuts out of this deal.

Class people want to know what the mother fed them.

They are all outside characters and all hugely stressful in the fields they are in.

Thank you so much.

Coming up, a dozen donuts goes last.

The chain wants to open dozens of outlets to california.

We will talk with the ceo, early making the donuts.

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