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June 11 (Bloomberg) -- Jordan Metzner, co-founder and CEO of Wasio, discusses the company's on-demand laundry service with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Clothing and washes them and has them back in a few hours.

Joining me is jordan.

We know that doing laundry can be drudgery.

How did you decide this was the drudgery you would combat?

For me personally, i hated doing laundry as well and i saw the rise in look on demand -- the rise in on-demand services and i thought, if i can order things for my car directly that way, why not my laundry?

This is an application a kind of sits in between the actual doers of the laundry, the laundry themselves, and the customers.

You download the application on the iphone, or the web, and one of our drivers will come by your house and pick up your stuff.

They will give you nice bags for your wash and fold and dry-cleaning and 24 hours drop it back off.

What kind of association do you have to build with the dry cleaners and the launderers that exist?

We have built up a network to help us facilitate this.

We are not working with the smaller guys.

We are working with the big facilities that can take on the volume.

If that is the case, why would they not build the app themselves?

In other words, why would they let washio be the brand they connect -- that people connect with?

It is something that we are trying to improve on a daily basis.

We have spent a lot of time and money on it.

It is where we are trying to dispatch them everyday.

Tell us about some of the experiences, from people sending out one item to everything they've got.

I think one of our customers gave us six ikea bags full of dry-cleaning one-timed.

That was one of our biggest orders.

You have seen it all when you have seen someone's dirty laundry.

Literally, and figuratively, right?

What about the outsourcing?

They have to make money, too.

We keep your card on file and with the dry-cleaning, they charge per item, and with the laundry, per pound.

We are able to negotiate wholesale rates with the facilities.

Where are you located?

We are based in santa monica, california.

That is where my team is.

We have service in los angeles, san francisco, and washington, d c and with the news of the latest funding, we will be opening into new markets.

Any plans to opening, let's say, new york?

Are there certain prescriptions that say, i want to go into one kind of market and stay out of others?

Obviously, we are more popular and successful in places where there is a lot of density.

In places like boston or chicago where users do not have access inside their own apartment to laundry, time is important to the consumer.

Tell us about some of the celebrities that use your service.

Ashton kutcher has made an investment.

We also have not, the wrapper, calvin harris, the dj.

And we have some great silicon valley angel investors, as well as our newest investors.

Are you looking for more partnerships, or just expand to more cities right now?

Right now, we are looking to expand to new cities and provide opportunities and expand certain cities we are operating currently in.

We are looking to expand beyond the city and go south and east as well.

What about the process of the laundry echo some people are very finicky.

How do you accommodate those things?

We ask people what type of starch they want or whether they want their shirts in a boxer on a hanger.

I think over time, we are getting better and better at knowing their customer -- knowing our customer.

What is the price range of complex on the wash and fold side, about one dollar 60 -- $1.60 per pound.

And with the dry-cleaning, a laundered shirt is about $2.25 and a suit is about $12 to $15. and i'm assuming you use it on a regular basis.


I hate doing my own personal laundry, so i looked for a

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