Shutterfly, Vistaprint Are Not Competitors: Marino

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bob Marino, Chief Executive Officer at CafePress, discusses holiday season sales, partnership with Amazon, and websites that produce similar things to CafePress. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Like all online retailers, we take notice.

The curve is pushed back.

I was at an amazon distribution facility and fulfillment center.

They want you to fill -- feel fulfilled.

They saw a lot of polls not just black friday but thanksgiving day.

We have several properties and if you were smart enough to run the sales.

Does that mean they were spread out more?

Bigger as a result of days they're?

I think we were able to celebrate holidays but it did not seem to pull anything away from it.

How our partnerships like amazon?

How big of a chunk are they were your business?

Partnerships like that are critically important for us.

But at not inventory.

People can come in cocreated products.

Because they can, it felt.

It is what they love.

Getting it out in front of more people just means more sales for us.

We have customers like amazon and a partnership with the hunger games and a new movie coming out.

That really helps spread the word.

Is that where business is headed?

More toward big commercial enterprises like that?

For custom products, we know when people tend to look at the same direction at the same time, we want to take a look at that.

We are ready to make those products.

I wanted -- you did tell me if they're making more.

We do not view shutterfly as a competitor.

We overlap a little bit there, but no, i am not the death and his business do anything different than they normally do.

They do a great job.

The other one, vistaprint.

It seems like they have fallen off a little bit.

They serve groups and small business and we service comes number.

I was with robert keane the other day and we agree we overlap a little bit.

He runs a tight ship.

I do not think we are major competitors.

All right.

Thank you for joining us.

The ceo of cafe press.

Coming up, president obama's controversial sulci.

The phenomenon of taking pictures for yourself.

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