Shutdown Day 15: Outline of a Potential Senate Deal

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) - -Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook outlines a potential deal in the Senate to end the government shutdown and increase the debt limit and what chance it has of passing in the House. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

In washington.

The senate may be nearing a deal to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling until early 2000 14. but will the house even considered?

Peter cook is our washington correspondent.

Our chief washington correspondent joining us from d.c.. first of all, peter, what is inside this deal and will the house by?

Fed her seventh will be the new deadline for the debt ceiling, the government would be funded through january 15, we get to the holiday shopping season and the house senate budget committee would have to file some report by december 15. we are no words in that report at this point.

Ken john boehner and republicans sell the notion of this house- senate negotiation is something bigger, something more of an opportunity to go after entitlement programs.

If they can sell it, and maybe just maybe there's a better chance to pass it now.

Resort new york from senate dealmakers last night.

Here's mitch mcconnell speaking on this deal.

We had a good day yesterday and had another good day today.

I think it is safe to say we have made substantial progress and we look forward to making more progress in the near future.

Clearly that is a good sign.

We want to see progress.

The question is that going to be the meeting this morning at the house?

I think the meeting at the house -- john boehner will get a firm pulse check on his rank- and-file members.

Your nose from his leadership team which met for a significant amount of time yesterday that not everyone likes his deal by any means.

It is not what they're hopeful when they set out here.

The other meeting that matters is 11:00 meeting among senate republicans.

Yes we think they're going to be votes are passes in the senate, but the question is will ted cruz and some of the more conservative members of the senate stand in the way.

We try to block it and push the timeclock later on in the week come even if it is going to pass will extend the wind slow things down and move things pass a 17th and rental markets in the process?

Forget standing in the way, how about holding a vote and then having a sale like it happened with the tarp vote?

There are some thoughts in washington that maybe that is what would have to happen in the house of representatives if john boehner doesn't brings to the floor right away or if he does bring it to the floor and it is defeated.

What happens at that point?

Would've markets to at that point?

It might take that kind of vote to allow boehner to bring it to the floor again and get a kind of republican support that ultimately it will need to pass.

Is going to need some republicans to pass in the house.

Not the full conference, but enough to get it over the line.

There are 200 democrats, so a lot of pressure on john boehner.

He has a very difficult job and my guess is he didn't sleep all that well last night.

A lot of political moving parts.

The market is on the move and time is running out.

That is thursday, the debt

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