Shutdown Day 11: Negotiating the Negotiations

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Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News White House correspondent Julianna Goldman updates the latest news on the government shutdown following President Barack Obama’s meeting with House Republican leaders on a possible short-term agreement to avoid breaching the debt ceiling limit. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Meeting yesterday, was there anything surprising?

I don't know what would be more ugly, me playing football on the white house lawn or the kabuki theater we are seeing layout, negotiating the negotiations.

One person familiar with this process this morning said that talks went into the night at the white house with top white house aides and representatives and staff from the speaker's office.

No decisions were made.

Today will be a very important day.

The president has additional meetings and we need to see if these discussions will continue between the house side and the white house.

Crystallize for us what the white house hopes to succeed in before the sunday talk shows.

What is gene sperling's to do list or the president to do list?

This is why some white house officials saw yesterday as a positive development.

This is what the president said when he went into the meeting with house republicans.

He said the fact you guys are willing to do a clean debt ceiling increase even if it short-term is a positive thing.

If we are going to also hold discussions around fiscal issues, around the debt and deficit, why not reopen the government while we do that?

Republicans said we need to get something in return and have some concessions.

White house officials are saying you could see progress because the president did not say no.

He said you know you will not get something in return for reopening the government but come to me and let me see what you have to offer and republicans did speak after they met with the president.

Listen to what eric cantor said after the meeting.

We had a very useful meeting.

It was clarifying for both sides as to where we are.

The take away from the meeting was our teams will be talking further tonight.

We will have more discussion.

We will come back to have more discussion and the president said he would go and consult with the administration folks and hopefully we can see a way forward after that.

Eric cantor and paul ryan are more visible these days.

Is john boehner still the one calling the shots for the republicans?

You don't really know who is calling the shots, that's been the problem.

You've got 30 or 40 tea party republicans trying to steer -- steal the show and house speaker john aynor and majority leader eric cantor are trying to get to their next caucus meeting.

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