Shutdown an Epic Shakeout of GOP Civil War: Green

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek senior national correspondent Joshua Green examines the politics behind the potential government shutdown, the efforts of former Senator Jim DeMint to push the defunding of Obamacare and the GOP’s overall political strategy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Since they are the ones that are forcing the issue.

What is happening now is the kind of epic shakeout effects of a civil war that has been going on within the republican party for a while.

It is especially intense since the 2012 election.

You basically have half the party that took the lesson from the election and said we need to moderate and broaden our appeal and bring in immigrants, hispanics, young people, minorities, and another set said no, we need to double down on conservatism.

Right now, that is the component of the party that is winning.

What i loved about your pieces it is not about john boehner, it is about jim demoimint who is calling the shots and he's not in the senate anymore.

He left the senate in january to become the president of the heritage foundation, a conservative and tank.

It is probably the leader among a group of conservative organizations that have been pushing this de-fiund obamacare effort.

Jim demint and ted cruz toured around the country whipping up grassroots conservatives to put pressure on gop legislators to defund the law.

It is their unwillingness to back off that demand that will force the government probably to shut down tonight.

Stancollender is with us -- are the powerful republican committees of the house powerful?

The committees and the house are not powerful.

They used to be when you and i grow up a they are not now.

This is a caucus situation, something way above the committee.

Right now, john weiner is not in control of his own caucus.

He has been slapped down so hard in the last five months and many issues that it is hard to see.

Is he the speaker of the house on tuesday?

On tuesday he is but he is demonstrating he has an inability to lead his own caucus.

This is not just about 20, 30, 40, 50 irate republicans who don't want to get along.

This is about a constituency outside that they represent.

Jim demint is powerful because there is a large segment of the republican party that no longer wants to accept the federal government involvement in hardly anything.

That is the problem.

To your article and the strategy created by jim demint, using obamacare as the ultimate tool, is this strategy going to work?

Do they have the faith of the american people and the hatred of the american people for the president's health care legislation where they can be successful?

If you look at the polls, obama care is fairly unsuccessful.

Most americans disapprove.

These conservatives have been going for them but the problem is the american people do not want to shut down the government over obamacare.

I think route of lincoln's forcing this issue are almost certain to lose.

In the bigger picture, in terms of this gop civil war, the jim demint strategy is to hobble down and keep forcing these big clashes in the belief that this will force the republican art he generally to on board and move to the right which he thinks will bring about the kind of republican renaissance these guys dream about.

If you are republican -- is jim demint leading them on the path of ronald reagan or on the path to barry goldwater?

Ronald reagan could not win a republican primary today.

Because he's too moderate.


I think that's the answer right there.

Last time there was a shut down, you can see that popularity declined but recovered quickly.

Where is the rest of the republican leadership?

Are they keeping their head down to this blows over?

Paul ryan clearly does not want to be involved.

If john raynor were to leave the speakership -- if john aynor were to leave the speakership, paul ryan might want to step in.

The bet -- the rest of the republican leadership like mitch mcconnell has a tea party challenger this time.

He does not have the ability to negotiate.

You made me smarter today.

Thank you very much.

Stan collender gets lots of mail here.

Josh green, thanks so much and congratulations on the article and matt dowd will continue with us.

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