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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on the unveiling of Google's Moto X smartphone and speaks with Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

In new york, who was at the moto x extravaganza all day long.

From what you have seen of this phone, why would people buy this instead of an apple iphone, instead of a samsung galaxy?

On so many levels, it is nearly impossible for any smart phone manufacturer to come out with a device that is going to floor any smartphone shopper.

Motorola is aware of that.

What they are going for is not necessarily the phone with the most extravagant bells and whistles, but a phone that uses technology to take some complications out of your smartphone experience.

There are some features in particular that motorola is trying to get the word out about.

Here is a recap on that.

One of the first things motorola wants you to know is about something called cap display.

It will tell you what text messages you might have received, what phone messages you might have.

It gives you an up day without having to do anything.

Compare that to my iphone.

Nothing happens.

Something else it offers is touchless control.

If you want to wake up the phone without touching it to call home while you are driving, you can do that.

Or, you can use it to do something near and dear to my heart.

Google now, how are the giants doing?

The giants beat the phillies 7-2. they are playing again today at 7:00 p.m.. also, you do some quick twists to get to a photo setting.

And you do not have to rest a specific side -- press a specific spot.

You just line it up and press anywhere and you get your shot.

Are we getting so lazy that we cannot do that?

But you innovate where you can.

How much of this stuff is more gimmicky and how much is really going to move the needle?

They are offering differing colors.

It is almost like old-school dell in some ways.

And they are manufacturing these devices at a facility in texas.

They said they would not be able to do that for consumers if they had not changed the supply chain.

A lot of this is trying to change the conversation about how smart phones are made.

I asked the ceo if he thinks they can revolutionize the smartphone business.

We certainly think we are going to make an impact.

We know we are the challenger, we have solved some big problems.

One problem is having to do things with your finger, not your voice.

We created touchless control.

You can call your mom, search the web, navigate where you need to go with your voice.

That is one of the problems we solved a year ago that we have been able to build into this device.

Getting access to the camera faster and a number of other features.

How will you measure success with a product like this?

I think you have to look at the big picture of what does motorola mean for google?

Google has always made investments in technology trends that are going to last for a long time.

Kids from here to india are going to get connected for the first time.

Motorola is affecting lives for the better.

That is what google does.

Let's talk about the retail price, 100 $99 for a two-year agreement.

-- holler- $199 for a two-year agreement.

How did you decide on that rice?

It is actually customizable by the consumer.

You can build this phone in 2000 different combinations, including this one, which is made of teak.

What is hot.

These are fashion statements.

Giving the customer that customization is fun and interesting.

What about the cost that goes into this?

There are a lot of for words about the marketing dollars behind this product.

What can you tell us about that , and are the marketing dollars shared between google and motorola?

First of all, in this market he have seen time and time again that what matters is the product.

If you build a great roddick and market it well, you will be successful -- if you build a great product and market it well, you will be successful.

We are going to be in every major u.s. carrier by the end of this year.

There is also a lot of buzz on facebook and twitter about the product.

We are going to harness that buzz, and we think that is going to be really successful.

What about other parts of the world?

What can you give us about what the rollout is going to be?

One area that is brilliant for us is the value segment.

If you think about the next generation of smart phone users, they are in places like india, russia, eastern europe.

Something like 2 billion people are going to switch to smartphones, and they need affordable devices that save money by saving data costs.

That is what we're going to have next and it will be out by the end of the year.

Do these guys want to make wearable devices too?

Motorola has always been the leader in bluetooth with headsets.

We think there is a lot you can do with headsets that are a little less geeky than the current approach to bluetooth.

Wearables are certainly something we have been investigating.

Let's talk about the google- motorola relationship.

I think some people get confused about how much talking there is between the two sides.

Android, which is the operating system we use in our phone, is the worlds most popular operating system operating system, used by over 100 different device makers.

We are a key partner in injury, but there are many of them.

-- key partner with android, but there are many of them.

The mandate larry page has given us is bring motorola back to its roots in innovation and really give the customer stuff that matters.

There is a big made in america story here.

Could you share numbers on how many jobs could be created by this?

It depends.

Our plan is for this summer to

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