Should You Buy a Tesla Online or in a Store?

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Editor-In-Chief Matt Hardigree and Bloomberg’s Matt Miller discuss Tesla’s direct-sales strategy on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Class i saw people milling around, i saw people talking to the sales staff, but i did not see anyone plunking down 100 grand on the spot.

You might not see someone doing that because you can do it on the internet.

Paypal, you can use at least for your deposit.

Bitcoin, you could definitely use.

We know people have taught tesla's in the past.

But you could do it at home.

People go into the dealership and talked to the people there and then i tend to mull over a car purchase for a good six months to a year.

When they're finally ready to pull the trigger, they can do it online.

What is the disadvantage to this motto?

You have to wait.

You will not just go out and point to a car and drive it home.

A lot of people say, it is convenient and you can come in and leave with the car the same day.

The average transaction takes 6.5 hours.

That did not take 6.5 hours.

Luxury buyers are used to buying cars.

They have exclusive premium options and tesla fits that model permanently.

It is a much simpler process for most buyers.

Class given the consumer satisfaction for auto dealers, are you surprised it took this long for someone like elon musk to come along?

Unless you are a small independent making weird cars like teslas, -- or german.

The first car i ever bought was direct from audi in germany.

I did not have a dealer and there was no middle man no haggling over the price.

I went to audi and got it.

In the u.s., you have a situation -- number one, i do not think the big auto companies want to be dealers.

That is not the business they are in.

If you get someone very focused on one main goal, they do not want a conglomerate.

Most carmakers in the other part of the world do.

I spoke with elon musk a while ago and here is what he said to me about why the dealers do not want him selling directly to consumers.

In this case, they're not doing that because they are such huge contributors to the political campaign on the local level.

He is advocating for the average consumer.

You had a heated exchange with one of the representatives of the new jersey dealers.

I did.

I got to talk during your show yesterday with jim appleton, the head of the new jersey dealership group, the new jersey coalition of automotive retailers.

More than 97% of the franchise.

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