Should Twitter IPO or Stay Private?

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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Greycroft Venture Partner Bo Peabody discusses Twitter’s planned IPO with Sara Eisen on Bloomberg Televsion’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

He has years of experience working with both private and public companies and the transition from public to private.

What does twitter need to do and can it do as a public company?

I think it is exactly what it is about.

It is part of the financial process they have been going through.

It is the only next step to go to the need to do?

They need to stay innovative.

That is the hardest thing.

When we see private companies ramp up to go public we see the innovation start to chip away.

It is difficult to get ready to make those numbers.

If twitter can stay innovative and stay not so focused on the numbers are at least not as focused on innovation as they would be on the numbers are recorder, they should be fine.

When we first went public in 2000, i made a point to tell everybody to ignore the stock rice.

Don't focus on the stock price.

The market always has it wrong.

Sometimes a think you're too valuable, sometimes -- how did your employees ignore the stock prices?

[laughter] how much of this is just about valuation as long as m be a strategies -- as long as the price is low you go private and if the price is elevated you go public?

Is not the first order condition?

We have the situation where for certain sect there's there is actually -- for certain sectors.

Is this very odd set of incentives depending on what sector you're in.

For twitter, it makes total sense.

They are the consumer darling to go public.

There is a lot of individual investors that are going to buy the stock trade for other less known companies in less hot sect is being private can be better.

I wonder if some managers would rather manage a public than a private company.

We think are the differences?

There definitely is some other pressure that comes along with being a public company ceo, which i have to do.

You spend a lot of your time, it is almost a sales job.

He spent a lot of time with your investors teaching them the story, telling them about your company.

Twitter will be easier because it is very large.

It would be hard if you are a small-cap company.

I opted out.

This is back in the mid 90s, but i had this choice of wrapping up to go public and i was running tripod and i decided to sell the company because i didn't believe i could make the transition.

I didn't think i could make the transition to being a public company.

Is twitter ready?

We are not exactly what the numbers are but my guess is they are ready and i think this is a logical step.

You are very qualified for the story.

This jobs act, this veil of opaqueness.

Is it a good or a bad thing?

I think it is a good thing.

It allows these companies to tory with it a little and see if it is going to be right for them.

I am very happy that we have this private market exuberance and public market sobriety.

What we need is bankers to be adults.

Thank you so much.

I'm looking for them to be adults.

Oh pass city?

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