Should Microsoft End Its Focus on the Xbox?

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Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Nick Thompson discusses gaming consoles and Kmart's layaway ads with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Spin off this unit?

It does not make sense for microsoft.

I do not think that at all.

This has been a source of innovation for microsoft.

It is very different from the rest of the company.

Different in good ways.

Young people love xbox.

It is getting good reviews, not perfect reviews, early on.

Why would a company trying to attract young people sped off -- spin off something that young people consider cool.

It is not a company that does hardware well.

A lot of advantages.

You can see the bureaucratic reasons why you would want to spend --spin it of.

-- off.

If microsoft had some giant business that young people love him and they should spend -- spi n it off.

A company that might not he consider cool is kmart.

Sears, which owns kmart, has had its struggle.

They have been successful with some viral video commercials.

There is one i want to play for you guys.


Evil doll from my childhood.


In sotre -- store only.

No online.

Great work, everybody.

These are evil ideas.

Trying to talk about evil ideas on kmart's layaway program, which is popular during the holiday season.

There is another thing that has gotten millions of hits.

It features people dancing to the layaway announcement.

Great marketing.

Is this really going to be the way for companies to reach a different kind of consumer?

Yes and no.

Kmart has succeeded because they did it really well.

The degree of difficulty in making a viral video where you make fun of yourself and advertising in general is hard to pull off.

If companies say, kmart did it, let's do our own video.

Let's try trampolining to our corporate speeches.

This is lightning in a bottle.

It helps kmart and they are fun to watch.

If everybody tries to imitate them, most will fail.

Do we have the sound for the one where they are dancing?

? what is this it is kmart layaway?

I am sorry.

That made my friday.

It is extremely well executed.

It is hard to make a viral video.

Without making it silly.

It is hard for corporations making them because you come in with a lot of skepticism form -- from those who make viral videos.

This friday, another big event, "hunger games." are you going to see the movie?

We will see.

The grandparents are coming in.

There is an interesting piece of video with jennifer lawrence.

She fought back at the paparazzi, which has been crowding her.

Do we have that video of her on youtube?

She was, basically, being hounded by the paparazzi.

She screamed back at them and instantly that became a hit.

I am not sure it became a hit on youtube.

It is a hard to know if she is mocking them or whether she snapped.

There has been a little bit of analysis of the video to determine what exactly she does.

It gives you an idea of what it is like to be in that position and to just stay there and smile.

Do you think that was planned in a way.

These movie premieres go without a hitch and you wonder if these act or's go actors -- actors plant moments that will go video -- that will go viral.

It shows a lot of things you might want to believe about her character.

It could have just been a woman being frustrated with a weird situation.

Thanks for being here.

Net thompson, our bloomberg can -- nick thompson, our bloomberg contributing editor.

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