Football Lasers Set to Kill All First Down Fights

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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Grobman, co-founder of Thought Development, discusses how the company's technology may be able to eliminate controversy in the NFL. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joined by the founder of development.

They may be first down laser.

-- make the first down laser.

You are here to change the game.

Tell us what you do.

We are.

We are trying.

We have patented technology that is designed to project the laser on the field, so that it can be seen by everyone in the stands, the players, and the gorgeous.

We hope to be able to replace the chain, so that they can see if it is a first down line.

And they can avoid the problem they have less night carried -- last night.

Whitey you think that there is -- why do you think that there has been a problem?

I think when anything is new it is like that.

We have had conversations with various entities, and we are divining our project also.

-- defining our product also.

Why isuno carrier ring connect 1200++ yet a more accurate picture of what is going on on the field than the officials themselves?

That is the one os one of the things we are trying to improve for the fans, players, and coaches.

Are you getting any pushback?

Or is this being embraced?

We are not getting pushed back.

There is just hesitancy.

Any time there is a major change , the nfl or whoever just want to make sure it can be accepted by the fans and the players.

Is this the kind of technology you would've used in your house or your room?

And now you have this kind of technology.

You don't go out with a ruler.

You have a laser beam.

I cannot comment on the technology.

But once the laser is set it is a line that is projected on the field.

You can see it right away.

Is it being used in other sports, for example, track and field.

We used it in some of the field events.

We used it in the long jump, the triple jump, and a few others.

How did it work?

It worked terrifically.

The fans were able to see it.

They were able to see.

How did you get interested in applying this technology to sports and to football?

As a fan, i thought it was just a terrific idea.

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