Stocks or Bonds? Just Buy Some Cheap Puts

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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “Insight & Action,” Bloomberg “Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson reports on stocks, bonds and why to buy some puts. (Source: Bloomberg)

Today's insight in action.

Quick stocks are saying one thing.

Bonds are saying may be the opposite.

Let's talk about it.

The s&p 500 is effectively making one all-time high after another day after day, trading around 2000 three.

Meantime, look at what happening in the 10 year yield.

It's at a 15 month low.

Should i stay or should i go?

This says optimism.

This says i'm a little scared.

Here are two perspectives we got earlier today on "surveillance." michael holland said there is excel a rating gdp, going up to 4%. that's -- accelerating gdp, going up to 4%. we also have a significantly weaker eu economy, there are gdp is flat, almost contracting.

There are concerns about ukraine, obviously, and isis.

As a result, people are pushing into german boones.

The german blend yield -- german bonds.

The german bond yield is 1%. which should you be more concerned about?

You should maybe be most concerned with stocks.

Going back to 1950, september is typically the worst month for the s&p 500. it's the direction you need to focus on.

The worst month since 1950. what you do?

It's not that hard.

I've some butts.

-- by some putts.

Puts are pretty cheap right now.

The spies september 30 put costs you 240. that's about 1.2%. that is cheap.

Just buy some cheap putts.

Let's take a look at what

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