Share Me the Money: Social Media Winners and Losers

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- NYU Stern Professor of Marketing Scott Galloway discusses social media platforms' success at monetizing their product. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Linden about twitter, he said that he is paying nothing and getting 100% of the benefit from twitter and he was interested in the market, interested in startups.

He basically said he would pay a membership fee.

Is that proof that a company can monetize?

Or can you go that map -- go that route without a membership fee?

There is only one platform with the most robot revenue model -- robust revenue model, linkedin.

20% come from people like you and me, here with some of my facebook or twitter, the value of the net effect, on those platforms going to one dollar per month.

I feel like it is a different category in my mind, it helps you to get a job or a network.

I think it is fair to say that facebook and twitter, from a journalist's perspective, still about work, though not about my next job.

It does say a lot about the utility.

All of these clinical new media models are taking a new media approach, renting the eyeballs out.

Effectively with twitter and facebook over the last year they have tried to retarded people.

They have served you ads based on your activity on the web.

I noticed tumbler has stuck out.

You saying that they are not doing well anyway?

They will have challenges.

There is a lot of on the network, which advertisers tend to shy away from, meaning that the experience itself may not be as robust as the other platforms.

What are they going to do with it?

They have no choice but for the strong technology platform, with an army of salespeople out there.

Foursquare, forget it?

Hard to understand the business model.

Interest, they have to show that they can monetize it.

Social media comes from the area of promise.

Incredible revenue growth at the top.

Facebook, linkedin, unbelievable revenue.

Scott galloway, joining me there.

Thank you for joining me.

Out to the new dash out to the

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