Seth Levine: From Goldman Sachs to Executive Chef

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July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Executive Chef Seth Levine explains how he went from working at Goldman Sachs to becoming an executive chef to the stars. He speaks with Cory Johnson on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Born ramzi's "hell's kitchen." it makes more sense than you would think.

There is just as much stress in the kitchen as there was on the floor of the new york stock exchange.

Yes, you run the floor.


What did you trade?

Everything from aol to ibm.

All of the big boys, some little guys that were fun to trade and take on an love that stock every single day and you nurture it.

The bow you work in a garage.

-- you worked in a garage.

I had an old girlfriend who used to work down there and said it was like working at mcdonald's taking orders, but more stressful.

Yeah, you are standing eating your lunch, when you are making your trade with some of the toughest brokers in the world.

As a cook in a restaurant -- cooking is a small part of it in some ways.

Running a restaurant -- i got this experience from "hell's kitchen" of course.

I have never owned a restaurant prior to that.

I have go to my entire life.

I knew that i wanted to open the restaurant after the show's airing.

It has been a whirlwind.

This is a fantasy of so many people who have jobs, whether they are on wall street or not, and dream of cooking for more than their family and friends.

What is the biggest thing that is difficult about this customer example obviously be food ordering and keeping -- coming from a place like goldman sachs -- what you mean?

The costs and employee costs.

Ray shevchenko great food.

But there is an entire business.

Most people do not know.

-- great chefs cook great food.

It is just -- when you look at the menu, do you imagine things with popularity.

You think, protein is not big as cost, so i have to have enough routine to sell, but not so much that it bankrupts me?

Of course.

It is a puzzle, just like on the floor of the new york stock exchange when you have to figure out what you are going to buy or sell.

You have to make sure there is something popular on that plate everybody will be able to order from.

Making in menu is one of the hardest things.

Tell us where you are.

We are on the lower east side.

We have a stand on 20th and third.

We have a new edition that is right underneath the bridge on the long island city side.

They do a lot of weddings.

It just went through a major renovation.

Are these swanky places.

-- these are swanky places.

You must give slinky people?

Oh, yes.

All of these celebs -- does that change the way you run the restaurant?

Change the way you cook?

Change the way you cater?

Everybody is a bip.

Obviously if you have someone walk through the door that has a notable name -- puffy?

Puffy was at a restaurant -- we did a collaboration.

You had hillary clinton there of course.

Adam sandler.

We did a movie premiere.

Justin bieber, his release party.

The events are tough stuff to do.

Interesting story.

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