Sequoia Capital Invests in 6Wunderkinder

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Chad Fowler, Chief Technology Officer at 6Wunderkinder, discusses Sequoia Capital’s investment and on 6Wunderkinder turnin a profit. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)


What is it about berlin that attracted you?

Well, as a child of the 1980's, i've always been fascinated by the whole wall that we're now standing next to.

But i actually received an anonymous message from a recruiter about coming to berlin for a c.p.o. job.

I love the city.

I always have.

My wife and i have.

It's just international.

It feels like it's still growing, which is a beautiful thing.

But then i found out that the company that was hiring was the makers of wunderlist, which we were happy users of already, so we kind of said this is the line in an amazing way.

They really obviously get product development.

They know how to make beautiful products, came over, met the team, and it was even better than i expected.

Let's talk about that, because you received an important investment from sequoia.

You described them as the dream investor.


They're one of the formative investors of our industry.

They've invested in a lot of the early successes in the types of industries that have shaped what we do now.

Not only that, they're also investors in a couple of companies, other companies that are very similar to us in scope.

Michael morris, who was our leader investor and the chairman of is he quoir i can't, described us with evernote and drop box as three legs of a stool.

So we feel that we go really well together with those two companies.

It's all about productivity, applications now.

You've got $19 million from them.

What are you going to do with that money?

Is it something you really want to try to start to accelerate your growth?


This is our series b, and like most companies that go into a series b, it's all about growth.

We've been focusing for the last three years on building what we think is as perfect as possible of a product, simple, beautiful, gets out of people's way and allows them to do what they want to do.

What we want to do now is expand the use of that.

Last year we had apple.

We have over six million users.

Our ambition is to get to 100 million users over time.

When i look at that app on my phone, it is very, very simple.

How important is that simplicity in terms of the whole product?

It's maybe the most important feature of the product.

In fact, we're working on a major version, wunderlist 3, that should come out in the next couple of moss.

It will essentially add no more users.

The only thing added is increased use of speed.

You've written a book, "the passion of programmer." this is a message about how to market themselves.

What's the one point that a programmer should take out of that?

I guess the main point of the book is that programmers create for themselves a product, and they can think of it that way.

They've operate in a business context, and as programmers, we are tempted to think behalf we do as an art or craft, but we have to make it work in a business context.

That's the advice for programmers who happen to be watching from chad thomas.

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