Sephora Engages Beauty Crazed Instagram Users

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May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Sephora Senior Vice President of Interactive Media Bridget Dolan discusses turning social media content into sales on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Focus on digital.

Many moons ago, about six years ago, sephora was launched on all the social media platforms and trying a lot of different things.

Our clients were clamoring to speak with us.

They love posting about beauty products and asking us a lot of questions.

We realized this was a real thing for sephora.

We wanted to answer those beauty questions.

In the evening, my boss, cmo of sephora and i would respond to science.

We realized we needed to focus and create an interactive digital group and focus on social media.

There seems to be something special about beauty products that makes it a particularly -- a subject people love talking about.

You have got people posting pictures of themselves and their makeup and asking questions.

Is there something particular about the beauty community?

This is like sales gold.

Makeup has always been a natural conversation for women.

Women can talk about makeup in the ladies room, anywhere they are.

Women really come together and bond of her makeup.

Especially at sephora, women can speak and talk to each other and our experts in store.

How do you translate into sales?

We have found that our clients love creating these beautiful looks and sharing them online.

They were doing that on instagram and sharing on beauty talks, our beauty community.

We found that the number one question is what are all the product you use, not just may be the one.

You cannot do that on a lot of platforms.

We created the ability for a client to upload a photo and tag every product be used, it might be 10 products.

That can show someone how to create the look themselves.

Can you give us any sort of before and after numbers?

Before the beauty board, if you saw a bump?

One thing i think it's fascinating is that our clients, 55% are tagging product.

6 products or more on every photo they are uploading onto the board.

If you think about social media, you can typically link it to one spot.

That is definitely a fabulous way that we have increased the number of products people can focus on.

Also the fact that mobile has been such an instrument to clients.

They have their mobile phone and photos that i can upload so easily and now the contact products.

We have seen 60% of views on mobile and 45% of photos uploaded from mobile devices.

To any products do better on social?

Anything that pops, it is the urban decay naked palleteette 3. that is specific.

Nails and lips are the other two categories clients can demonstrate a beautiful nail art or look on their lips.

You are harnessing beauty influencers, describe that term for me.

Linkedin likes the same thing, influencers.

There are women out there who have gained a following.

It is amazing how many women can create absolutely brand-new looks every week and show people how they are doing it.

These women have immense followings and they are now coming onto beauty board and showing their fabulous looks and tagging every product.

Women really love helping other women.

I love talking about makeup.

This is a fun one for me.

Sephora's senior vice president

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