Ted Cruz's Marathon Speech: What's the Point?

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Senate is poised to vote today on advancing a stopgap spending measure over the objections of Republican Ted Cruz, who defied party leaders and began an extended speech that stretched past 16 hours this morning, raising the risk of a government shutdown. Peter Cook reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."(Source: Bloomberg)


Peter cook is tracking the debate over the nation's budget.

Ted cruz has continuedhe has been talking and continues to talk.

He is rallying the republican days, at least making the good fight on national television over the issue of d funding obamacare it even if it creates the possibility of a government shutdown.

He rallied republicans over the summer for this kind of fight and he knows he does not have the votes and cannot deliver on that promise so he has to make a good fight and hopes he will draw attention to what he is talking about, the problems with obama care, and raise money along the way and perhaps raises prospects for the 2016 presidential race.

Over the last 17 hours, he has been joined by a handful of republican senators.

He has talked about everything from his father to his favorite children's book " green eggs and ham." i intend to speak in support of defunding obamacare until i am no longer able to stand.

I want to do everything i can to help americans stand together and recognize this grand experiment, 3.5 years ago, is quite simply not working.

The reality for everyone on the senate floor is that ted cruz cannot block the procedural vote later today that would advance the spending bill that right now it includes defunding obamacare but he knows as soon as that vote happens, democrats will have the opportunity to strip that language out of the bill and move onto a clean continuing resolution and send that back to to the house of representatives.

Why is he out there?

That's what democrats and fellow republicans are asking.

They have criticized him directly.

They say that all he does is risk republicans being blamed if there is indeed a government shut down.

That is why this has been controversial.

To his credit, he has been out there, as promised 17 hours and counting.

Wow, tell us the timeline.

What happens next?

There is a vote scheduled at 1:00 today and democrats need 60 votes in order to move -- to clear that procedural hurdle.

It looks clear that ted cruz will not get the 40 senators he needs, more than 40 republican senators.

Democrats will remove the language from the bill that includes the defunding of obama care.

By sunday, if the full debate time is taken, 30 hours, it goes back to the house of representatives and john boehner must decide what to do at that point.

He could tweak the bill and send it back to the senate but the crucial deadline is midnight on tuesday night.

That's when a government shutdown would kick him.

We are looking at a shutdown of both sides don't agree.

The longer takers goes, the last time john has to craft an alternative bill.

At some point, ted cruz could be hurting john boehner.

Thank you.

We will continue to plug away at

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