Senate in 'Schoolyard Fight' Over Obama Nominees

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook reports on the Senate’s all-night session over President Barack Obama’s nominees on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Good morning.

There is the capitol building.

The senate is still in session.

It hasn't stopped working all night.

In fact, we have just confirmed georgetown law professor has been appointed to an important d.c. court.

This all nighter is a result of the political standoff between democrats and republicans over judicial nominations and so- called nuclear options.

We need to bring in our chief washington correspondent peter cook who joins us by phone.

You have not pulled an all nighter, but this is an example of the insanity of washington here.

The schoolyard fight has resumed in washington.

This is not totally unexpected.

This is the retribution republicans are inflicting upon democrats for changing the rules , for going nuclear.

They're going nuclear in response.

They promise to pull out all the procedural stops they can to try and delay work in the u.s. senate command that is what they're doing right now.

This means we are going to have a sickly a flight -- four flight for the future nominees.

They want these nominees down before the holidays.

This could be the politico between senator leahy and grassley.

Tell us about the distinctions of that polarity.

What do we need to know about the fistfight in the senate this evening?

What you need to know is this does have potential to delay things in the short term.

I am large, this is politics.

-- by and large, this is politics.

They're promising to do it for all of 2014 as well.

It is not just on the fight over nominations.

They have the ability, and did it the other day, considering the irs commissioner in the finance committee and basically used a procedural move to be able to walk out of the room at that time and stop the consideration of that nominee.

These little things -- congress isn't doing that much anyway, it will just make it more complicated.

If the democrats lose the senate, those three senators and the south are shown the door, will the republicans did the same thing to the democrats in eight months?


No doubt in my mind if they have changed the rules here against republicans, the republicans will use these rules to their own advantage and may even go further.

That is been a threat, -- that would be the threat.

It is huge still.

Mitch mcconnell is offended by what has happened, not just politically, but personally.

He thinks it is an affront to the senate tradition and pulling out all the stops to make his point.

We're looking at a live shot and it doesn't look like they're doing much of anything.

People are barely moving.

What is the distinction between that and what we saw in the house with ted cruz filibustering and reading "green eggs and ham"? excuse me, senator ted cruz.

Ted cruz was fighting over legislation.

He was waging a personal filibuster there where he had to occupy the time.

What is happening now, this is a clock that has to run in republican say it doesn't. they're considering nominations and there's a time period of about eight hours unless republican say, no, we will concede that time from and reduce that time frame, they are not conceding it on each and every individual nomination.

So they confirmed judge bullard at 1:00 in the morning and moving on to homeland security nominees.

It is going to take several hours in between them unless they basically standdown and there's no indication they will do that.

Peter cook, thank you so much.

I said eight months until maybe the republicans would take over, i think they need to have the election next november.

I had a brain freeze.

The senators have something they can do later, when district or judges approved for their state, to have the option of blocking that if it is from their state.

They have another like they can do to hamper moving forward.

They tend not to you -- use it.

Will they, is the question.

When you talk to the executives at apple and samsung and you can track your productivity versus what is going on in washington, what do they say about what our leaders are doing in washington?

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