Senate Follows Through on Nuclear Option… Now What?

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Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg White House correspondent Phil Mattingly examines the political fallout of the major change in Senate voting rules for presidential nominees. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Stunning is the right word.

Senate leaders have threatened to do this, but we always had the old bulls that would step in and cooler heads would prevail.

It didn't happen yesterday.

What this does -- it has major implications for nominees.

We do not have a lot of question about janet yellen getting through.

Now there is no question.

Mel watt, who was blocks to run the fh aaa, he will not have a problem getting through now.

This widens the pool for the obama administration.

They're looking at whoever they want that can get democratic support.

The president spoke on this.

Is the executive branch our new legislative branch?

The white house was always wary of getting involved in this.

I talked to administration officials yesterday -- they were frustrated by the court picks and the blocking of mel watt that they decided they were going to go with harry reid on this.

Obviously, things have switched.

Democrats will cite obstruction.

This all comes back to us.

President ted cruz, picking his own cabinet am only needing 51 votes.

This will come back.

That is what mitch mcconnell was pointing out yesterday.

You are a slave to the intrigue of washington.

What do i need to focus on as we go to the sunday talk shows?

I think this is all you're going to hear about this week.

For the obama administration, it helps.

The oboe -- the affordable care act is not the top issue of the day.

In this town, this is it.

The biggest rule change since 1975. the largest reduction of minority rights.

It is a really big deal.

Thank you.

Phil mattingly through the day from our washington news bureau.

David kirkpatrick, a bloomberg contributor, and we have gregory tax and.

-- gregory taxon.

He is a managing director of the

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