Sen. Reid: Shutdown Is Not Just Economic Issue

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid speaks about the U.S. government shutdown at a press conference in Washington, DC. (Source: Bloomberg)

A long time.

He has hamstrung his -- he has been hamstringing his efforts to keep america competitive because republicans are sadly unwilling to allow us the government.

This is a basic function of what we do while the government can move forward.

The shutdown is hurting our economy.

I had a long conversation today with elected officials in nevada state, local officials, they are really concerned.

All states are losing revenue.

This not just an economic issue, it is an issue of national security.

The government shutdown is hurting our ability of sanctions on iran.

The treasury department has furloughed 90% of the employee's office of terrorism, financing, and intelligence.

That is their charge.

They are not able to fill that.

I'd of the 100 employees in the government sanctions monitoring

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