McCain to Kerry: Obama Administration Is Failing

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April 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money” Host Matt Miller looks at a fiery exchange between Senator John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry. (Source: Bloomberg)

I don't think they are sweating it.

Gm and toyota have not been very popular on capitol hill.

Secretary of state john kerry is feeling a cool reception as well.

Secretary kerry, i have watched with great interest some of your comments and may i say, i think you are about to hit the trifecta.

Geneva two was a total collapse, as i predict to you it would be.

Israeli-palestinian talks are, even though you may drag them out for a wild, finished.

And even though we gave the iranians the right to enrich, which is unbelievable, those talks will collapse, too.

You can talk about molly --mali and other places in the world, but on the major issues, this administration is feeling very badly.

-- failing very badly.

Wow, senator john mccain is just getting warmed up.

On the issue of ukraine, my hero, teddy roosevelt, used to say, talk softly but carry a big stick.

What you're doing is talking strongly and carrying a small stick, in fact, a twig.

What has been done so far as a result of the russian dismemberment of ukraine in violation of a treaty?

Some individual sanctions, some the -- diplomatic sanctions, suspension but not removal from the g-8, and now more threats to come.

Here we are with ukraine being destabilized, part of the dismembered, and we won't give them defensive weapons.

It is just beyond logic.

Senator mccain.

Let's give the secretary a chance to respond.

Let me begin with the place that you began with your premature judgment about the failure of everything.

Geneva two, my friend, i said will not succeed, maybe for a year or two.

If serious is ever going to be resolved, it is going to betray political process.

And that political process, geneva two, is now in place, though the moment is not right because we still have to change calculation.

Secondly, israel and palestine.

It is interesting that you declare it dead, but the israelis and palestinians do not.

They want to continue to negotiate.

We will see, won't we, mr.

Secretary echo i bigger part in?

-- i beg your pardon?

We will see.

Yes, we will see.

It has stopped.

Recognize reality.

We will see as he go down the road.

There are serious problems and it is a tough issue, but your friend teddy roosevelt also said that the credit along to the people in the arena trying to get things done.

We are trying to do things done.

Sure, we may fail.

Do you want to dump it on me?

I may fail.

I don't care.

It is worth doing.

And finally, on the subject of iran, we are talking.

The option is, you can go to war.

A lot of people are ready to drop bombs all the time.

We can do that.

We have the ability.

But this president and the secretary of state believe that the united states of america has a responsibility first to exhaust every diplomatic possibility to find out whether we can prove what the iranians say, that their program is peaceful.

Well said.

Although, it probably isn't. you have to render the answer to the senators question about ukraine, john kerry.

The fact is, we are currently working with ukraine for determined across the entire security sector.

And based on those requirements, we will review options with the congress and find out whether or not we are in a position to provide assistance.

Your view of what the ukrainians need is vastly different from what the ukrainians think they need, which is the sovereign right to try to defend themselves, which is something we have done historically, helping people who are struggling against overwhelming odds.

I just said to you we are evaluating with them exactly what their needs are and we will come back here and ask you -- they have said what their needs are a long time ago and you and i can sit down and 15 minutes knowing what their needs are.

I think you both made your point.

The greatest single need right now is to get the our

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