How the NYPD Secures Times Square on New Year's Eve

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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Deirdre Bolton reports on New York City's New Year's Eve security precautions. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Such a large area for a big event?

Well, the police department, since 9/11 in particular, basically sanitizes the area.

It goes in, it stops traffic from going in, checks for bombs, like you would in a presidential visit.

It takes out mailboxes where you might leave a bomb, etc.. it is a tried-and-true process they have been doing and perfected over the last decade, though each year, when there is a new event, like these bombings in russia, they put that on the radar to make sure there is no possibility of that happening in new york.

Paul, when you say locking down the area, what does that mean in terms of manpower?

The police department does not disclose the exact number, but i can tell you all the 1200 new recruits that just graduated from the police academy will be assigned to times square and the vicinity that night.

There are thousands of personnel involved, and that includes counterterrorism personnel, people looking for any kind of device.

It also has detection equipment that detects radioactive material.

Chemical and biological weapons -- detection equipment for that as well.

It is a safe area.

What is the biggest thing to challenge when you prepare a city such as new york?

Well, the possibility that there are so many targets, he well you are focused -- while you are focusing on times square, you have to protect the rest of the city.

In the police department we would go through drills that would create other problems that might arise in the same evening, and you sometimes have common lawlessness, celebratory gunfire in some neighborhoods that we focus on year after year to keep that down as well.

You cannot let the one event blind you to other possibilities throughout the city, and that is probably the biggest challenge.

Well noted.

Paul browne, former deputy commander -- commissioner for public communication for the nypd.

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