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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Raymond James Analyst Aaron Kessler discusses the USPS Sunday deliveries in partnership with Amazon on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Is it part of its incremental strategy of giving you what you want, when you want it, and having a high level of customer service?

Amazon has continued its strategy of getting their items to the user faster and faster.

Amazon prime continues to be adopted by many people today, and that is a driver.

Before you ordered something on friday, you may not get it on monday or tuesday, but now you may get it on saturday or sunday.

Those wondering whether to go to the store or not, now you can get it in the mail to your house.

Does this give amazon a leg up on the holiday season if people know they can get that sunday delivery?

It is hard to say when it will be implemented.

It is only in a select number of cities, as you indicated, but amazon will beginning shares online and off.

We estimate 30% unit growth.

We think this move teaming up with the postal service is another incremental driver in shares for amazon.

Who might be some of the other e-commerce winners in the holiday season?

Ebay did give some software guidance, but we thought it was a bit conservative.

Shutterfly is a good play on e- commerce trend.

You also want to look at some of the advertising plays.

Google has always been a big benefit are from people clicking on ads.

They spoke has also made a push to drive greater adoption of advertising among direct response advertisers.

We think facebook will be a winner as well.

It seems like a couple of these plays are secondary, not the people selling stuff.

Facebook does not sell stuff.

Even shutterfly, is that more of a holiday card bet, that people will be buying cards with pictures on them?

About 50% of its sales and 100% of its profits are in the queue for season.

As customers buy more in the holidays come and we think there guidance is conservative, and there will be good upside for them.

Aaron kessler, thank you.

We will be on the markets again

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