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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Robert W. Baird Analyst Colin Sebastian discusses holiday season retailing on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Winners and losers is colin.

Thank you for joining us.

What we have heard from the retailers is that they may have seen traffic, not much change, but the average ticket was going down.

What do you expect to happen online?

Do you think the actual dollar amount will be going up extensively as well?

We are seeing very healthy growth year over year for e- commerce.

In terms of conversion rates and ticket sizes.

We are still seeing movement in the right direction.

This is a secular shift moving online.

Are we seeing the same sort of promotion ink from the online retailers as we are seeing for the off-line retailers?

Re: going to see margin compression as a result?

There are many online as well as off-line.

We are seeing increasing engagement by consumers.

An increasing number of orders online for customer -- per customer.

Where are people going?

What are some of the more popular sites?

What are you seeing in terms of trends?

It is similar to the last couple of years, large marketplaces are seeing gravitational pull with consumers that would include google search and also amazon as well as ebay.

All three seem to be performing very well.

How many of these big retailers are going to be able to translate it into an increased stock price or profit.

Which ones do you think will benefit the most?

In general, we think the large platforms in total are benefiting.

What happens in q4 tends to extend into the next year and the year after that.

Each of the large marketplaces, google, amazon, and ebay we think will be on strong footing.

We will be on the market

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