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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries' George Ferguson reports on the aerospace and defense sector on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

-- george ferguson.

Obviously sequestration, defense budget cuts.

How will we see that play out this quarter?

We are going to watch that closely.

We will see how order flows -- orders l flo that will be an indication whether they are booking as many new orders in the future as revenues are generating today.

We are a bit concerned around short data contracts.

When the government starts cutting back, they can do that quickly come and they have been doing that.

I think less concern on long- dated items on airplanes and ships and things like that.

Facts what about missile systems -- what about missile systems?

Do you think that will be across the sector lace where we will see strength that?

We continued to think we will see strength in missile systems going forward.

The threats around -- ready prevalent around the world.

Nations are concerned about protecting themselves against north korea and iran.

Always a lot of demand to that.

Very high speed radars coming in.

What might be the weakest gaming report as we go into the season?

Are you talking about from a company standpoint?

We watch things like that closely.

General dynamics has had real challenges lately in the portfolio.

They have things that are armored vehicles and information systems, which has the short dated contract to get quite -- get cut quickly.

They have had challenges on the order flow on the year.

We will watch break downs in order flow very closely as we go into the quarter.

They do have a real competitive strength.

We will watch that closely.

Real quickly.

We will be watching those.

George ferguson, thank you so much.

On the markets again in 30 minutes.


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