Secondary Screen of Galaxy Gear Makes Sense: Harper

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Greg Harper, founder & CEO at Herpervision Associates, offers a first-hand look at Samsung Galaxy Gear and who may be the core audience for the device. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

That tries out various tech items.

You have the watch on and you have the new note 3 phone.

What do you think?

Having a secondary screen makes a lot of sense.

He wants to make a quick call, you can do it on your wrist.

You can keep this in your pocket.

He can put it up to your ear.

How key make a phone call and top?

You can go into here and go into app settings.

You can do voice memos.

You can dial up here and get your contact.

You find your contact and tap on it.

Your phone in your pocket will make the call.

You can talk like this and listen.

You can use a bluetooth headset.

This is a control.

You do not have to pull the phone out of your pocket.

When you have a bit tablet like this -- a tablet phone.

You want to use this to surf the web or run apps.

Holding it up for a simple everyday tasks may not be as convenient as having a watch.

The note 3 is bid for a phone, but small for a tablet.

-- big for a phone, but small for a tablet.

This has a bigger screen and it is much sharper.

It has the new s10 functionality.

You can divide the screen into sections.

You can do a dual chat.

You can open a window.

The phone is more interesting than the watch.

I am fascinated that we are going better on our phones now.

What do you think of this price tag, $299? that is the international price.

We do not know the u.s. price yet.

My guess is that it will be bundled.

It is a logical accessory to the smartphone.

Might we see the trend where phones come with watches?

That is a real possibility.

Sony has announced something similar to that.

They have a smart watch out.

They have a new one coming out as well.

This is a second screen.

It does a number of things all by itself.

It can take pictures.

You can do still and video pictures.

He can do a quick memo and it will record an voice note.

-- a voice note.

What do you think will be the biggest thing people will do on that marc watts?

-- smart watch?

." -- i have become addicted to having a second screen.

Administrative functions, essentially.

It is not about fitness.

But i am wearing this nuik -- nike fuel.

Remember, this is an android device.

It has apps on it.

You will see a whole slew of apps on here.

This is remote control.

Samsung will not save this, but they have tv's and they have smart tv's. this would make the perfect remote-controlled.

-- revolt -- remote control.

You can control it from your watch.

It is a very interested ecosystem.

It is an ecosystem.

Do you think we are all waiting for apple to see what they are going to do in this space.

Maybe they are the catalyst who will go for wider adoption among consumers?

Samsung has been taking the lead.

That is something -- the s10 is something that apple does that have.

Obviously, apple will do things.

They will have their own take on it.

Apple radio might happen.

A radio on your watch our tied into to your car.

When this is near your phone, it will automatically unlocked your phone.

If you take my phone and go away from it, it is locked.

Thanks so much for joining us.

The founder and ceo of carper vision associates on the samsung

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