What Does the Gov't Shutdown Mean for Business?

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Phil Mattingly reports that the SEC remains staffed during the government shutdown, allowing IPO filings and market oversight to continue, but that may change depending on how long the shutdown drags on. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Obviously thousands of government workers walking off the job today because of what happened last night.

Not behind me, the sec.

Here is why they are avoiding the furloughs.

They actually have carryover funding that should keep the agency running for a couple of weeks.

That means everyone will be there and they will be fully operational.

Very important for one reason.

They announce publicly of a confidential filing last month.

If they decide to make that hireling.

That is problematic.

The agency went through the shutdown in 1995 and 1996. what does the veterans say about how that impacted the agency back then?

Agency veterans say they got through 1995 and 1990 six unscathed.

A 21 day shutdown.

For the most part it is operational.

Really good news from a market perspective.

A lot of wariness in terms of what this will mean and for general operations as we go forward.

Thank you.

Phil mattingly in washington.

Are there going to be part of your business that might get held up because of this?

I think the only place this would affect our business, which is primarily merger and acquisition and restructuring and capital market advisory business is once again business confidence, ceo confidence.

If that weekends, the willingness to invest in your own lan equipment or in other companies definitely gets put a little bit on the side.

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