Sebelius Apologizes for Tech Flaws

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Phil Mattingly reports on testimony from Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the technical glitches on the website and insurers cancelling policies that don’t comply with the Affordable Care Act. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Not even focused on the website which we have been talking about for weeks.

It is really about the broader issue of whether some americans are being forced to change their insurance plans.

That's not what we expected to hear this morning.

You are right, republicans have seized on nine words from president obama " if you like your plan, you can keep it." we heard it over and over again as they were working through the law and since its enactment, we have seen and people are reporting and lawmakers are hearing from constituents that hundreds of thousands of people have received cancellation notices from their insurance companies about plans they currently had.

The republicans have seized on this and shows that the president is a liar and the policies being implemented are not working.

Kathleen sebelius has defended this saying that this is not going to be a gap in coverage.

Able or not losing their plans.

What's happening is the plans they have do not actually meet the standards that were set by the new health care law.

Therefore, the insurance companies are telling them they are being rolled out of those plans unlikely moved into new higher standard plans.

Still, there is a perception -- higher standard means higher dollars.

What if these americans don't want to pay for better coverage?

What if they don't about dental maternity care?

This is the big issue.

Many people are saying i like my plan and did not need to be p theorsche version.

For people under a certain income threshold, there will be subsidies that will help a for these plans for the problem is, people don't see that right now.

They see an increase in prices and see things being added to their plans that they don't care about or don't need and all they look at is the document saying their plan is canceled and they say the president said this was not was -- what was going to happen.

Their lawmakers are hammering kathleen sibelius on that today.

They don't see it because the website is not working.

They are getting letters in the mail saying they are discontinuing healthcare.

When is this website going to be in order?

You know it's bad when the health and human services secretary is about to testify on capitol hill and the website is actually still down.

It is back up now.

The administration sticks to november 30. they say they have this tech surge and will have a top economic adviser coming in and they want the website fixed and up and running with no flaws by november 30. that's their dead set day.

We are one month away from that and a ton of work to do.

They brought their contractors in to help with that.

If they don't hit that date, that's when real problems start more than what they have faced the last couple of weeks.

Maybe they should've had

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