Sears May Separate Lands' End, Auto Businesses

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) --Sears is evaluating the separation of its Lands’ End and Sears Auto Center businesses from the rest of the company and selling store leases in Canada to raise cash as it goes through restructuring. Bloomberg Businessweek's Mina Kimes reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

From auto parts.

Mina, was this a surprise to see sears finally capitulate?

There have been rumors for a while.

I think it is something that people have been looking at to happen for a while.

Is this the various divisions or is eddie lampert?

I think it is lampert.

I think the company needs to raise money.

They said that this would bring the business unit structure to live outside of the portfolio which is what we talked about earlier.

They can spin off on these units and it does not impact the rest of the business much.

This is more about how well labndnds' end is doing compared to their other businesses.

The word has always been that it has been profitable.

It has been relatively flat since you're spotted about a decade ago.

There is still value their.

I know that you wear a lot of lands' end but that goes to my question, who does where it?

It is different from sears.

It it is trendier.

It is a different image from what you see in the rest of sears.

How does this fit into eddie lampert's broader strategy?

Lampert's strategy is focused around integrated retail, the idea of focusing on online business.

They don't need to be a part of that.

Thank you so much.

Sears and the new structure we

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