Search for Cynk’s $6B Leads to Shack in Belize

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July 24 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Zeke Faux reports on his trip to Belize on the trail of Cynk, a company with no assets, no revenue, and one employee, that for one hour in July had a market value of more than $6 billion. He speaks on Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Whole lot, but it gets more interesting.

The company for a few months listed a ceo who lives on an island off the coasts.

We went down there to see a new for ari outside his house or whatever the case may be.

It was a little tough to find and i had to ask around but i eventually got to his grandfather's house.

What happened come you should about the town and said, does anybody know how the year?

So, yes.

People told me i do know where he lives, but i do not want to tell you because his rather will be mad.

You better look out for melvin.

See, there you go.

On facebook, melvin million dollar per america.

I found melvin at the bar where he works.

He did not want to talk to me.

A bartender?

He is.

He is the x ceo's e's brother.

He hired a cab driver who said he is from town, he got on the phone and started calling everyone he knows.

Eventually, we find the x ceo's e's cousin.

We go to the house.

The house is made of plywood.

It is like if you and i went to home depot and made a house right now.

There is an outhouse and it overturned golf cart in the art.

If he had any involvement, he did not make any money.

This is where he lived until recently.

His grandfather gets a phone call while i'm talking to him and says come i do not want to talk you anymore and he goes inside.

My cab driver tells me he gets a call from one of the people he had called and he said melvin heard your over at his house.

Million-dollar melvin and then what happened?

Melvin says, melvin his trunk and he is coming to get you and he is in a red golf cart.

I told the cab driver i will promise my boss i would not get in any trouble while i am here.

I do not want to see melvin.

There is only one road in town but i said less just take the back way.

We did not see him.

A golf cart cannot beat you.

You're in an actual car.

Did you find any evidence?

More distinct than we thought or just nothing?

Owing to the place where it just listed the headquarters.

It turns out they had addressed it and it turns out, this is the building they went to.

By far the nicest building in town.

On the fourth floor, a guy who incorporates offshore companies, and also in offshore brokerage.

I was able to get documents that showed the offshore brokerage had in fact held sink shares for clients.

I do not know who the clients were.

Your grand takeaway with all

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