Sea of Tranquility Has Turned for JPM: Salvesen

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Edmund Salvesen, Equity Analyst at Brewin Dolphin, discusses various governments investigating JPMorgan and the pressure their CEO faces. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It does look that way.

Jpmorgan has risen through a sea of ability -- tranquility.

This week has turned on them.

A bad couple of weeks for press.

It has had issues with mortgage securities.

Continuous talks about what is going on with hiring in hong kong.

It is in the news a lot at the moment.

Can he survive?

I think so.

The difficulty is he as both chairman and ceo.

There is always big pressure.

It is a point of how things are going on.

Can he enter the the pressure?

There is all sorts going on.

He is still confident.

He knows what he is doing.

He is confident, charismatic.

But he is the boss of an incredibly big bank.

In a world where they still have the too big to fail argument, is that too much?

We see risks were banks become the size.

Regulation can become a huge demand.

When we look at it, the management and the board are so dependent, they are the ones to blame if anything goes wrong.

Increasing pressure on them to know everything a regulatory issue going on -- seven investigations going on.

$11 billion.

Analysts are struggling to keep track of what is going on.

He doesn't seem -- at the moment he is still a cool character.

Even under pressure.

I think there are huge amounts.

If you look at the share prices, it has been volatile but ok.

How long can this continue if there is more to come?

What about libel?

We are expecting more arrests.

How worried are you that this will be at the forefront of the banking industry/ we are not near a conclusion yet.

They have admitted fault first.

If you look at the likes of how others have dealt with it, you now have the regulatory fire.

They have also to the issues, not just the libel incident.

Wheresoever other issues there.

It is going to increase pressure and the more press about it, the more there is going to be a lot of confidence in the banking sector.

This only increases uncertainty.

Talking about barclays, what we are clearly seeing at the moment is a problem with currencies and commodities trade.

How big a problem is that for barclays?

Generally, the third quarter is weak.

They had to come up with perspectives.

It has been a week of august compared to what we were expecting.

This is a part of their business which they are growing.

They have a great market share.

They have been focusing on improving this business.

It is disappointing when we look at their results.

This is part of the investment bank that is often seen as slightly less volatile, good income generating business.

That is the kind of attraction we like an investment banking.

Seeing weakness in this time.

Is disappointing.

Especially in europe.

We can understand it in the u.s., with tapering, in europe it is surprising.

Thank you so much.

Still to come on "the pulse" things get messy for a football superstar as he faces courts and a tax evasion case.

Lionel messi we are talking about here.

We have the details next.


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