Scott O'Neil, One CEO Running Two Sports Teams

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Adam Johnson Host reports on Scott O'Neil CEO of two sports teams. (Source: Bloomberg)


Basketball is huge over there.

The nba is trying to profit.

The l.a. lakers played a preseason game.

Here they are practicing ahead of the match today in shanghai.

Take a look at this.

It is something else.

By the way, they are playing without kobe bryant, who is sidelined with an injury.

Running 2 different teams in 2 different cities.

Meet the ceo of a hockey team and a basketball team.

They are both owned by apollo global management founder.

O'neill explains the whole thing with sportfolio.

He loves to invest in distressed companies, i look to fix them.

His plan is consistent, by a distressed property, find the best team and talent you can put in place, give them a structure, help them along the way.

As for me, it is invigorating.

You have experience in that invigorating context because with the knicks, the post-isaiah thomas era has been a great turnaround.

Are there similarities in philly ? you have an incredible brand in the 76er's. there are a lot of similarities.

In philadelphia, we are partners with comcast.

We are partners, they are terrific partners.

The experience is different.

We focus on the core business, tickets, sponsorship.

We have a media relationship with comcast.

We focus on being a partner friendly organization for sponsors and creating a world- class fan experience.

A rare and unique challenge, running 2 teams in 2 cities in 2 sports.


Find the best talent in the world and develop and retain them.

What does that fan experience look like?

Incorporate new york and new jersey, talking to the verizons and the pnc's and the prudential's, how do you help drive their business while making an experience for the fans.

Time allocation, mixed loyalties, those are all challenges.


I think of it differently.

In sports, we have fixed attention on the one team in the one city.

The great businesses around the world have offices in 200 countries.

My job is to make sure that we get these 2 right.

Hopefully, there will be more.

You can watch the whole interview this saturday and sunday on bloomberg television at nine :00 a.m. eastern.

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