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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Ketty Pucci-Sisti Maisonrouge, author of "The Luxury Alchemist" and founder of KM & CO., discusses building a luxury brand with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thanks so much for being here.

We will start out by saying, your name is almost very luxurious.

Ketty maisonrouge.

How did you come to be connected with the luxury industry?

When i finished my studies, there is an association is 75 french luxury home panisse.

It was changing from a niche market to a global industry.

A family-owned company has transformed itself in the last 25 years into a luxury conglomerate.

For him there i got involved with many amazing luxury brands.

I have been teaching at columbia business school since 2004 and heading the luxury foundation.

I'm no longer in the consulting world.

I am the cofounder of a luxury rand and i became a partner in another.

You will tell us more, but first i want to learn a little more about the idea that there is a market for high-end, luxury mobile devices, mobile phones, specifically targeting women.

Where did you come up with this idea, and where are you looking to grow?

One brand was launched by nokia but they did not want anyone to know they were part of the nokia family.

It was targeted to men originally.

Men have their watches, their cars, and they needed one more toy, the luxury cell phone.

It is an amazing product, but when they started entering it for women, they did what they call think it and shrink it, and that was not as good of a success story.

When they said, what do you think of a luxury cell phone for women, i said yes.

We took the phone as a beautiful object of desire, luxury provides emotion.

It is not just about the functionality.

Of course, it has to work perfectly, but it is about making them fall in love with your phone.

That is a good segue to talk about flowers.

What are you doing in the world of luxury flowers?

At certain times of the year, that is the thing that makes love.

Not just at certain times of the year.

Everyone loves flowers.

Everyone wants a little bit of happiness in their own home.

This is the last world that really has not been branded.

We decided to become partners, and the first thing i did was the more unsexy thing of moving operations.

We now have a building in harlem.

Then we started brand extension.

We launched our first nonperishable item, which is a candle.

Our candle is sold in a gift set . when you finish with your candle , you just take the refill and put it in, so it is better for the environment.

This is the first step for us to really build a deeper brand, make sure the brand is consistent at every level, that the brand is recognizable, and that people come to us for the quality and craftsmanship that we offer, and the service.

All of those are important aspects of the luxury brand.

What are some of the steps in this dory of j mendel, and introducing man as a luxury brand that people might not have known about in the past?

It was founded in the 1870s in russia.

It's heritages in the first -- in the fur.

From the founding family, it came to europe in that 1880s and totally revolutionized the way people looked at fur.

It is like any material, and he started cutting it and working it as if it were lace.

Then we went into eveningwear.

Now there is not one event on the red carpet without a j me ndel dress.

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