Satya Nadella Becomes Microsoft’s Third CEO

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Sanford C. Bernstein Analyst Mark Moerdler and Editor-In-Chief Matt Hardigree discuss Microsoft’s new CEO and the future of the company with Scarlet Fu and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Is this good news?

This is who i suspected for a while would be the new ceo.

He is the president of the tools division, the largest part of the company, and the architect where the platform for microsoft came from.

This is the future of microsoft.

He has been part of that and is given more responsibility over time, more reorganization.

I've been figuring the most likely in general -- i frankly think it is good for the company.

We have discussed a lot when the news came across the wire, microsoft seems to have failed at almost every turn when it comes to the consumer perception of its products.

They do really well on the enterprise side.

They own it.

The cfo comes from the enterprise side.

Is this business going back?


most of it and the big focus will be.

The company spent eight years redeveloping their enterprise is -- business.

It will now drive the move to the cloud and we will potentially see substantial or explosive growth driving revenue , differentiating.

They have been doing well on the earnings front.

Very well.

If the process is successful, in a year and a half and two years, the largest so far.

Comments already made to lay the land of what he wants to do.

Here is what he said is his priority.

The first thing i want to do is ruthlessly up -- remove any obstacle that allows every individual organization to innovate and then focus on innovation, on things microsoft can uniquely do.

He used the keyword, innovation.

I did not hear disruption.

I did not, but microsoft has a great press photo of him chilling out in his zuckerberg style.

He is trying to art.

He is a young guy, 45. he hangs out with all the guys in silicon valley.

It is a nice-looking hoodie and that is what i would wear if i were a billionaire wearing a hoodie.

Speaking of people who have a lot of money, here is bill gates asking him to step up.

I am thrilled he asked me to step up, substantially increasing the time i spend at the company.

I will have over one third of my time available to meet with product groups and it will be fun to define the next round of products, working together.

Matt, i thought of you right away because of the connection.

It is something you have been covering for a long time.

It'll covering ford said the ceo session problem has taken too much focus away from the products.

The same is true at microsoft.


The day he said no, he is staying, do not worry, iker caps off's price went down and ford prices went up.

That is the way everyone viewed it.

A lot of internal complaints.

People know eventually mark will take over at ford, but it was bothersome to them he was walking around.

She said the same thing.

Maybe he will, but it is not a done deal.

Who knows.

But -- getting back to microsoft and that to do list, he has a lot of constituents.

Employees and vendors and customers and shareholders and the board.

How is his message different from audience to audience?

We cannot tell until he starts to deliver it, but i think he will deliver a similar message of innovation, a drive to change in business, all the things you would expect.

That will be important.

He is also capable of bringing in interesting items and discussions.

He is capable of surprising us and i would not be surprised if we see it.

The xbox business is one of my favorite businesses.

I wonder if they will rake up that business.

A lot of people have been talking about that is the one that is mogul i sleep -- most likely to be spun off.

They are saying they want to be part of the cloud and you have to have devices for that.

The only device microsoft produced recently that anyone cares about is the xbox.

It is great.

I think it is premature to say all of a sudden they will, because the outgoing regime was a big fan of that one microsoft strategy.

Microsoft and the reorganization took the xbox operating system and development team and combined it with the windows team and are moving more of similar operate -- operating system components, not the move of a company thinking about breaking it up.

That is the move of a company trying to combine and make leverage that works in other parts of the business.

That is steve omer's companies, will his microsoft look different?

His microsoft will overtime at with different because the cloud will become bigger and the cloud will drive a lot of the story.

The opportunity in gaming in the future will be gaming in the cloud.

Xbox live is a big -- big business.

The point is, it is a big opportunity for microsoft if it were not just part of microsoft.

Within microsoft, it looks tiny, but the reality is they will leverage the cloud investment they will do and that will differentiate them in devices in general.

Thank you for your perspective on microsoft and the new ceo there.

Mandela is holding a live

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