Sandberg Declined to Curb Hiring From Google

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March 24 (Bloomberg) -- Today’s “BWest Byte” is 6, for the number of years since Sheryl Sandberg was at Google. While there, she declined to limit the recruitment or hiring of Google employees. Bloomberg’s John Erlichman discusses on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I'm emily chang.

The turkish government has blocked twitter access across the country and the prime minister defended his actions over the weekend.

He also threatened to block facebook and youtube as his administration fights corruption charges.

Twitter remains committed to defending the privacy of our users in turkey.

We won't portray their trust.

I am joined by the ceo of the intelligence firm or an asus.

Andrew, i will start with you, described the situation on the ground for us.

I know some people are successfully circumventing the difficulties that the government has put in place.

What is the latest?

Twitter was blocked in the evening here.

They moved to a different type of blocking over the weekend which is more difficult for people to get around.

Lots of people are still tweeting from turkey.

The issue is really a polarizing one just like so many other issues in turkey.

The prime minister is still talking about the twitter bhan, threatening to ban even youtube and facebook.

Lots of people in turkey are completely outraged that this attack on freedom -- at this attack of freedom on expression.

-- attack on freedom of expression.

You're putting out real-time maps of the outage.

What is the state of affairs in terms of how far this outage reaches?

The state of affairs is basically unchanged over what we have seen.

The blockage is at the ip level.

You cannot reach -- the service providers we have access to.

What you mean by the ip level?

I understand it was blocked on thursday and friday but it was still easier to access ban on saturday.

-- still easier to access.

Then on saturday something different happened.

We make measure networking tools for the internet.

We have measurement coins in the city.

Towards that end we see a lot of the same things the consumers on the ground would have seen in initially it was a block of the name

That name resolved when addressed.

It was a government machine.

As people on the ground figured out how to work this by reconfiguring their devices to use public dns, like google's public dns, something clearly had to happen.

Sure enough about 24 to 36 hours later additional blocks were put into place so that even the ip addresses belonging to twitter, the numbers that are used to identify their service in california became unreachable.

What are people doing now?

Are they just using vpn c echo twitter is more popular -- vpns?

Twitter is more popular than it was day before.

There were about 10 million users and the twitter traffic is actually increasing after the band.

-- after the ban.

People are using proxy servers to get around the ban and lots of people are able to do that.

Certainly that's how i managed to use twitter.

I think it is fair to say there are a lot of people who are maybe not able to do that and they have been shut down.

I know certain countries are more vulnerable to certain outages.

Where does turkey fall on that list?

Turkey is an intermediate case for us.

On one hand you have a country that has one or two service network providers in the country who have international connections to the outside world.

Outages are not completely unacceptably of turkey ranks -- completely unaccepted.

It is a very sophisticated group.

There are more than one or two or three in turkey.

The number of companies in turkey that are able to make direct international connections with the outside world is higher.

That gives him a certain amount of resilience to a complete network shut down erie it -- shut down.

The government's intervention in the internet has to be more surgical, more targeted at specific services, specific ip addresses and specific domain names.

I know you map these kinds of things when it happens around the world, is it comparable to anything you have seen previously?

If anything it is consistent with the sequence we have seen.

In 2011 we saw egypt take the entire country off the internet with one tool.

Since then things have become much more surgical.

It is very much like what we have seen in iran for their elections, blocking specific domain names or ip regions.

In venezuela twitter also have some problems becoming recent -- becoming reachable.

The same thing happens in a very sophisticated way to china on a daily basis.

Andrew, what impact has this blockage had on the political situation?

I heard the turkish presence in that turkish -- turkish president took to twitter to criticize the actions of the government.

It is obviously very politically significant for this to happen.

There were alleged tapped telephone conversations released where the prime minister is alleged to be speaking about things which substantiate corruption allegations against him.

It also shows his interference in the media and other private business sectors.

Really what has happened up to now is questionable, whether there has been any advantage for him and his government and his party.

The whole world has started to talk about these corruption allegations, the cap telephone conversations, and now this outrageous attack on freedom of expression.

This is really just the start.

Turkey has recently passed a newly restrictive internet law.

It would be very unclear how the government seeks to use these powers they have.

What we have seen in the twitter ban is that although there are orders for the four individual twitter accounts to be taken down, there was no court order for twitter itself to be shut down.

The prime minister has said that he personally took this decision . it is indicative of how policy is made in turkey and how rights are violated.

I think this is going to have long-term implications.

It is a battle for whether there is internet freedom, whether people can access this information, whether social media can continue to be a place where critics of the government can really share their ideas and receive information in a full room -- any forum -- in a forum.

I think this is going to go on and on.

It is the start of really long-term situations in turkey.

Quickly, are you seeing other sites being blocked?

There are reports of youtube being next.

What about facebook quickly?

Not at the moment but we are going to keep an eye on it.

It would be no surprise.

Thank you both.

What is the value of design in technology and why our tech titans in silicon valley investing greatly?

We will talk with apple's first design chief next.

? the way a product looks and feels it is now as important as its function.

Great design leads to great user experience and he is the founder of the design studio ammunition group and the former head of industrials design at apple.

You joined apple in 89. you left and 97. how has your design philosophy evolved?

In many ways it hasn't changed.

It has always been around designing and creeping things that are simple and accessible but at the same time aspirational.

That is part of what we do at apple when apple continues.

It is a core of the way i like to work.

Design is very emotional.

I like to dive in and see what my reaction is right away.

You put those aside and you go through research and come back to them.

Interesting enough a lot of times i am right.

It is just that gut reaction of how a product should be or how it should look or work or behave.

You're also the creative director at -- a product that feels like it could be apples as well.

How did you approach that design problem?

I started working i started working -- started looking at headphones.

They were all designed very functionally, very articulated and mechanical.

The goal for me was to streamline all of that and make something really beautiful that looked good on the body, look good on your head or neck.

Interesting enough no one really had done that.

As much as they are high-performance audio equipment, they have become beautiful fashion that people love and aspire to wear.

You're taking a deeper look at wearables now.

None of them are something i want to wear every day simply because of how it looks.

We are awash in embedding technology.

From a design point of view it is fantastic.

People are rushing to connect your appliances or wearable technology without thinking it through.

Also what does it say about me?

Is the fashion of the tribe you want to belong to?

When you where things it says something about you.

Most consumer electronic companies don't understand that emotional aspect of putting something on somebody's body.

What is the secret?

One of the secret is moving -- connecting to those emotional aspirations.

One way we have been asked -- we have been suspects full -- we have been suspectsccessful --those are the keys things -- those are the things you want to key upon.

A health monitor, if i have to invest a lot in it i am not going to wear it as much.

I have to ask about apple.

I know you hired johnny ives and left in 1997. a lot of questions about what is apple working on.

People have doubts they're working on anything revolutionary.

What do you think?

I am not close to apple anymore.

I have no doubt apple will continue to innovate and push forward.

There's this type of organization group and talent there that they will continue to push.

The discussion of whether they lost it, i don't think there is anything.

Even coming up with more category defining products.

Do you see a watch or td?

They will continue to look at the assets they have in finding areas to put those on people's bodies.

It is interesting -- i always say technology tables what design establishes.

It is one reason apple so good.

They understand that.

Thank you.

Great to hear your design for some -- design philosophy and how you approach these hard problems.

Life media started out as a small punk magazine.

Now it is close to being a million-dollar 80 a business.

That is next.

-- million-dollar media business.

That is next.

Disney has named ben sherwood as the new cochairman of disney media networks and president of the disney abc 7 -- abc television group.

He will stay on to abc news until a replacement is found.

He will oversee the largest division, including abc, abc family, and the disney channel.

Life media combines punk culture with journalism and the strategy is giving traditional media players a run for their money.

It is also helping them grow to a multibillion dollar valuation.

We caught up with the cofounder and head of vice media.

We are talking about shane smith, a really colorful character.

This is the platform through all different ways people reach people.

Their latest venture is vice news.

I asked how much money they are putting into this new part of the vice empire.

I will spend about $50 million over the next couple of years.

We are still in beta.

We have only been out for two weeks.

It has already been a tremendous success with our coverage of crimea, our coverage of riots in venezuela.

Not only is it driving a lot of traffic for us but it is also giving googles -- giving kudos to the mainstream media who do nothing but make fun of us.

Are you interested in having your own cable network to be there for people to discover you in that way?

I would have said no up until recently.

We have been selling so much around the world.

We were doing so many parties in london, so many events that we bought a pub.

We put all of our events in that pub and the pub became the most wildly successful venture.

We are selling so much tv and cleaning so much ip that it is always smart to own your own platform if you can.

For us we are looking at various opportunities because we have such a decertification going on in media.

We can look at buying distressed media assets and see if we can't turn it around.

You are a profitable company.

What does that mean?

Does that mean you are a wildly profitable company?

I think for all we do we are wildly profitable.

We have been profitable since day one because we came up in a recession and we believe you have to make a profit.

We have been doubling our top line pretty much every year that we have been in existence.

Our margins have gone up.

As we are licensing to mobile and online tv, our margins are actually going up.

We are running around a 40% margin.

We are going to try to get to 44% next year.

50% for an online company would be huge for us.

What you think your company is worth?

A lot.

We got pegged at a billion and a half and we have doubled since then.

We have had a tremendous scale growth that has gone along with it since then.

We hit our numbers ash if we hit our numbers this year and projected next year, -- if we hit our numbers this year and project to next year our numbers would be exponential.

If we are doing a billion dollars of top line at 50% or close to a margin with an ever creasing -- ever-increasing scale it would be worth as much as twitter.

We are a great company but not making any profit.

You're close to generating a billion dollars in revenue?

Clock stuffs the plan.

Within the next 12 to 18 months.

-- wax that's the plan.

Within the next 12 to 18 months.

It was said to you and rupert murdoch celebrated by having a beer in brooklyn.

Was that -- no.

What happened was we were discussing some form of deal and we were at his offices.

He came in and we talked for a bit.

I said he should come see the shop.

He came out to brooklyn and we went to my favorite bar and had a drink.

Then a lot of people saw us and he tweeted and that started a whole rumor.

Unrelated to that the deal took a life of its own and later on we ended up doing this deal around five percent ownership.

A lot of people worry about -- people wonder about the corporate and game.

Do you want to sell this business?

I assume you don't based on what you have said in the past.

Would you consider going public?

Is that something that would interest you?

I think we have to look at everything now.

It is a great question.

One of the reasons we did the fox deal is to stay independent.

We can run the business way we want it to run.

I own 95% of the board.

It was a great deal for us.

It is helping us expand into the world.

We are expanding into india, to europe, south america.

That being said i think you have to look at things -- if we hit the numbers that we believe we are going to hit we are throwing off so much money that our scale is increasing rapidly, we would be stupid not to test with the market would bear.

There's a lot of money sloshing around the system.

Valuations are high.

God knows when the next recession are coming.

If we didn't take money off the table -- that was shane smith.

Thank you.

It is time for the fight one number.

That tells us a whole lot.

It has been six years since sheryl sandberg was at her old job at google.

There has been that case whether technologies made agreements not to approach each other's talent.

Indicates of some players like into it, there were deals in place not to take other talent created facebook did not have that kind of deal.

This coming from a deposition that sheryl sandberg gave.

Thank you all for watching this edition of "bloomberg west." we will see you later.


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