San Francisco Crash: Timeline of a Disaster

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson reports on the timeline of Asiana flight 214's crash landing in San Francisco on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Would of expected.

It began in shanghai.

60 chinese students and 10 teachers were among those boarding for summer camp.

The plane stopped in sold to take on more passengers and began its 10 elah 20 minute flight to san francisco international airport at 5:04 in the morning.

The boeing 777 was one of the newer planes in the fleet.

One of the 12777's purchased in 2006. some carriers choose to cram them with many seats, but this flight was just 307 people.

291 passengers, 16 crew.

The sky was remarkably clear, fog free.

The tower in san francisco told pilots that visual flight rules were in effect, meaning private guide themselves to the runway without the assistance of instruments or traffic control.

At the last moment in their approach, there were clues that something was not quite right.

Showing a safer approach, the said -- this shows a save approached.

Here you can see the airplane coming in much steeper and the pilot trying to jack out of its descent.

Listen to this communication, seven seconds before impact -- someone says to go around, increase speed.

Air-traffic control warns other planes to avoid the runway.

Coming in to slow, too low, the tail slammed into the sea wall, short of the runway.

The fatalities?

Two 16-year-old chinese girls.

As the fire department raced to the scene, they found smoldering ruins lying on the tarmac.

Dozens of passengers jumped from the airplane before the evacuation chutes deployed, some taking shelter in the water of the day.

Dozens more ran from the airplane.

All told, 182 survivors were rushed to local hospitals, a number in critical condition.

Samsung ceo snapped this picture.

He wrote -- in the middle of the smoldering wreckage, he used the correct if horribly ironic sfo twitter handle, flysfo.

We are waiting for the police department to give a press conference there.

There are still a lot of questions.

What kinds of answers are we hoping for?

One of the questions is not really related to this at all, but the horrible tragedy of the girls that were killed, there was some discussion as to whether or not one of the girls was actually run over by one of the emergency vehicles.

I think we are hearing the sound of the press conference right now.

There was concern about that, whether she was injured by one of the vehicles responding.

As well as any other information on what caused this plane to crash.

I want to take a quick minute to listen in.

I want to provide the opportunity for the first responders, true heroes who helped the passengers off in a chaotic circumstance, interact directly.

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