Go Ahead, Drop Your Samsung Galaxy 5S in the Tub

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Sam Grobart discusses the new features on Samsung’s new phone and wearable devices that were unveiled today. He speaks to Emily Chang and Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Bathtub, it is ok?

Or in a margarita.

Not that i have ever done anything like that.


This phone is water resistant and dust resistant, a standard called ip 67. it can withstand being in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

It is not like a diving watch.

That is a true innovation.

That has me more interested.

The heart rate monitor -- if i get into a heated conversation, i can check my pulse?

Right on the back of the phone.

And shortly thereafter words.

-- thereafter.

I am at 67 beats a minute.

They have tended to follow a lot of other innovations.

The heart rate stuff -- i am wearing a heart rate monitor on my wrist.

Just in case anything gets tense around here.

Or for when i run.

There were heart rate monitors you could strap to your body.

The last phone they introduced had a barometer in it.

Are they just throwing things into the blender?

This has been kind of the criticism of samsung phones.

They often throw every possible feature they can think of and develop into one device.

The company definitely seems to be aware of that criticism, and is not so much promoting 48 from things you can do.

They are, however, focusing on health and fitness.

That relates to the galaxy as well as other products they announced today.

Bigger screen, better batteries.

Gimmick features.

How much cooler do you think the phone is been the -- than s4? i do not think it is groundbreaking.

At this point, it is hard for me to think of what would be, even for apple or some other manufacturer.

We seem to have reached a certain plateau.

In effect, these are small boxes that have modems and radios and displays in them.

You make some improvements here and there.

That is great.

But the big stuff, for the most part, has happened.

About apple -- what are we expecting this year?

I know we talked about a potential larger phone.

You have spoken to the executives there.

Is that going to happen?

They told me their entire plan for the next five years.

I am going to share it for you right now.

Between us.

Just between us, sam.

That has obviously been pressure.

The market has shown a real desire for larger displays.

You wonder to what degree apple is going to move in that direction.

It seems like they would want to.

As far as what else they are up to, who knows.

One of the things we do know -- our colleague knows they are working on a wearable device.

Samsung has generation to -- 2 of their wearable watch.

A fitness bracelet.

Last year, they launched the galaxy gear.

Now they have the galaxy gear 2, the galaxy gear 2 neo, and the galaxy gear fit.

The original concept, everybody agreed, was kind of clunky.

Even samsung and knowledge the first one was not ready for prime time.

It rocked a fight to the ground.

These are lighter and more elegant looking.

I think the galaxy gear fit, the smallest of the three, is the most interesting.

It does not have the full features of the other watches, which can be loaded with apps.

But since you will be carrying your smart phone anyway, i do not know how much you need to have it on the wrist itself.

We will see if these get

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