Samsung Unveils Golden Galaxy S-4

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Bloomberg's Adam Johnson, Trish Regan, Julie Hyman, Matt Miller and Alix Steel wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Teenagers from themselves.

He signed an eraser button law.

It will for social media companies to allow minors to scrub their personal history from the web.

It was intended to erase any embarrassing information that could haunt them from years.

The law will go into effect january 1, 2015. how is it going to work?

You can already delete your own stuff on facebook.

What if someone else posts your photo?

Can you delete that?

It is not clear.

It seems like third parties are allowed to keep it up.

Why just teenagers?

, on.

-- come on.

The key is to deal with the mistakes you have made, apologize, forgive yourself, and move on.

If something is out there and a third-party picks it up, it is washed away from the internet for good.

It is not possible.

Why not teach them to not put it up in the first place?

None of us grew up in the age of the facebook and twitter so we have no idea what it is like.

You are dumb college kid that gets your photo taken in one of your friend posts it.

Doing what?

A keg stand?

So what?

Maybe you were not even the one who posted them.

Never let people one facebook.

Companies do look -- do do searches.

Making of guys who probably have pictures of themselves, larry ellison, i will give you an update on his adult hobby.

America's cup, larry ellison might have the last laugh.

Amazingly, after being down 8-1, oracle team usa is on the verge of an historic comeback.

It won their sixth and seventh races in a war -- in a row against new zealand.

These are incredibly fast unbelievably expensive and deadly boats.

In 10 minutes, the winner takes all race begins in san francisco bay.

He is going to go watch the game.

I am not sure how much they have invested in this, but i believe it is over $100 million per boat.

The campaign has cost --they were supposed to have been 15 competitors.

If you spend the most money, you win the race?

It looks like he is winning.

He was down 8-1. he is a totally zen dude.

He took a day off.

He took a time off.

Ever since then, he has won seven races in a wayrow.

Buddha is on his side.

I want to know what he says to the team.

If other employees had not shown up for a product announcement, would they have gotten fired?

He started the company, you know?

You are introducing products.

Samsung copying apple's latest product updates.

They announced that its product competes directly with the iphone.

It is also going to be available very soon in gold.

Record-breaking sales for the iphone5. samsung did announce a different golden smartphone back in august.

It was a totally different kind of phone.

I did not even know that flip phones were still out there.

Remember this?

We live in a bubble.

Outside of america, you mean?

This is interesting, right?

Usually, samsung is copying apple.

There was some concern that apple was copying samsung.

It looks like samsung was -- samsung was the first with a gold phone come up but it was not a gold smartphone.

Gold is important because in asia, gold is highly desirable.

In china and india, you want a golden phone.

Peak gold is beautiful.

-- pink gold is beautiful.

Disney announcing that people with disabilities will no longer be allowed to jump to the front of the line at its u.s. a theme parks.

They will receive appointments based on current waiting times.

Disney said the abuse of its guest assistance cards.

Wealthy parents from manhattan were hiring disabled people to pose as family members.

This is unbelievable.

I feel like that is ingenious.

That is awful.

As someone who spent the last three months in a wheelchair or on crutches, if someone would have taken me to disney world, i would have gone.

You get to go on the rides and never wait in line.

I cannot believe you said that.

Lines are part of disney, right?

The fast pass is terribly expensive.

You get the fast pass for free.

I was just there.

You can pay up for your own concierge service and it is extremely expensive.

$300 an hour, right?

$400 a day.

That is a bargain.

I rode roller coasters all day long.

We will get your first trades for tomorrow.

Affordable care, antics

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