Samsung Smartwatch Anti-Climax to Apple: Woolcock

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Keith Woolcock, founder at 5th Column Ideas, talks with Guy Johnson about Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch and why he believes wearable technology is not the wave of the future. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

Investment research firm fifth column ideas.

Unfortunately, they have delivered john the baptist, and we are all waiting for jesus christ, which is what apple will do next year with their smart watch.

It was bound to be an anti- climax.

We are still waiting for the big thing.

Even when apple's watch launches, these devices may turn out to be great sellers but somehow i doubt it.

They do not really pass the captain kirk test.

Which is, captain kirk, what did he have?

A phaser and a communicator.

The jedi had a light saber and a communicator.

When you look at the future, it is quite slimmed-down.

You do not see people looking at watches.

Should we think about them as watches?

You use the word watch -- that is what we are used to.

What does it do that i have my fuel band and smartphone.

Why do i need a watch to communicate with all the other devices?

To be the devil's advocate -- are we misrepresenting it when we think about it as a watch?

A device that can do more.

It has the ability to use biometrics in a way that may be a smartphone cannot.

It can do security things, biometrics.

Are we misrepresenting it when we think of it as a way of taking pictures or looking at messages?

For sure, but when you look at the smartphone and look at the ipod, these devices, they have one key function, and they do it brilliantly.

What is the key function that this does brilliantly that those other devices do not do?

That is my question.

Your life is becoming cluttered.

Does this diminish the clutter and make your life more efficient, or does it added to it?

I suspect it adds to it.

So i do not think it has much utility.

It might have utility as agent is -- design beacon, this is the kind of person i am.

I am sure in asia that will be an important thing.

I suspect next time i go to lane crawford in hong kong there will be lots of ladies walking around with huge samsung phones.

To you think the female audience and -- is it too big for a lot of people?

Is there a fashion element of this which is going to be slightly against or significantly against a? once you start getting into wearable tech, fashion becomes a part of what you are doing.

There is a funny game going on.

I will got -- get a lot of hate mail for this.

It seems the smaller people are, the bigger the devices they want.

You see small man in large cars.

Draw your own conclusions.

In asia, you see phones getting bigger where their hands are smaller.

I thought i had a large watch.

But this is now diminutive compared to some of the watches out there one by smaller people than me, i hasten to add.

I will not get into that conversation.

But to answer the question, you think fashion is moving in that direction?

Fashion and high tech have definitely conjoined.

No doubt about that.

Apple was a fashion brand.

If you go to fashion conferences now, you see high-tech people there.

You see high-tech people talking about fashion.

It is the mark of a personality.

We have known this for a wealth -- ray while -- for a while.

I'm curious whether the lithium-ion will be part of this.

Is there a heat issue?

There will be if you mistakenly leave the camera on, something like that.

As happens with your smart phone.

If the music is playing.

You will probably notice it more quickly.

I suspect what we are going to see is the wrist action of a lot of young men will improve as they do this all the time.

Again, i will not get into that conversation.

Let's talk about apple versus samsung.

Samsung is trying to be an innovator.

Apple has been an innovator.

The response of apple will come further down the road.

I am wondering about -- is there an advantage of being out there earlier?

This is going to get obsolete really quickly.

I think it is interesting what you were saying about the russian -- alisher usmanov.

I usually get it wrong, but i got right there.

I am still kind of negative on samsung.

But i have become more positive on apple also.

Not necessarily because of the devices, but i think the new operating system, when you talk to developers they are increasingly getting excited about it.

One of the things, when it comes out it will have a functional facility called ibeaxco con, a new altra-short wave medication standard.

It is built on bluetooth.

-- altra -- ultra-short wave communication standard.

It is built on bluetooth.

The guys who write the applications are the key.

They are the army that makes these devices.

This is the reason why samsung has made this watch only work with their own device.

All of these companies, samsung, google but the glasses, and also the motorola phone, and amazon with the candle -- kindle, and now microsoft with the nokia handset, they all have to be vertically integrated.

You have to control the ecosystem.

That is how you innovate far more quickly.

When apple moves, from the operating system up.

Itunes him everything moves together -- itunes, everything moves together.

What google has found is that leasing out or giving away android does not actually speed up innovation for google.

They have to control the whole thing.

That is the risk samsung is taking with this device.

The geeks will always moan . if you look at every single apple launch, they always moan.

If you made your investment decision on the chatter on the first day of launch, you will not have made any money.

Thank you.

Joining us from this column ideas.

Still to come in the next hour on bloomberg television, more from europe's largest consumer electronics show.

The key to the ceo of dyson.

We will ask him about reinventing core products.

Things we all use day-to-day.

See you in a moment.

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