Samsung Seeks White House Veto of Import Ban

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns, Adam Johnson, Cristina Alesci and Julie Hyman wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Adam, let's start with you.

I am off my soapbox.

Now to japan airlines delivering a big load to boeing.

Following the dreamliner that led to the temporary grounding of the company, the company has placed its first order with airbus.

Japan airlines has taken options on 25 more.

The list for the a350, $9.5 billion.

It was supposed to be ready for the paris air show.

This was a couple of months ago and there was concern they would not be able to do it.

They were rolling it out of the paint booth to get it there.

It did a flyby at the paris air show.

It did quite a splash and now it is taking orders.

Japan has the exclusive contract with boeing.

But for decades.

-- for decades.

When you have only these people servicing your plane, this is quite a statement to navigate away from them.

And apparently the largest japanese carrier has airbus for their next order.

Looking at that saying, this could be really bad for boeing.

The bigger point is the dreamliner did not even come out the year it was supposed to.

It was several years in delay development.

And of course, it was grounded to battery false -- due to battery falsults.

They are saying they need to be more fuel efficient.

Makes sense.

It makes -- and i know it makes me feel like i'm inside of a club.

[laughter] x equal treatment for all phone makers?

What you think?

Samsung is infringing on to apple patents.

Some older samsung phones would be locked out of the u.s., beginning midnight on wednesday.

Samsung wants the fame -- the same favor that president obama gave to apple in august to have the ban overturned.

Again, the same deal that apple got.

Is this fair and equal treatment?

What goes around comes around.

It could be really ugly, because once google decides it wants to manufacture handsets in a major way, all of a sudden you are going to have a three-way major war.

Because samsung is going to get upset.

We will see a lot more court action out of these companies.

They are looking forward to seeing lower potential growth.

And hurdles like lower margins in the market.

I think the whole thing has become way too litigious at this point.

If you look at what apple and samsung are suing each other over, it is getting pretty ridiculous.

And by the way, they are also partners.

Samsung is one of apple's biggest the pliers.

They got to figure out a way to work together.

They will not actually shut down.

That is a different, they are actually functioning.

They have to make money.

And it is the older phones.

It is not the phones that are actually hot numbers.

It is not the features that drive sales.

Speaking of wars of words, there is one over women and twitter.

An academic executive called out twitter on the pages of "new york times" this weekend.

The fact that they went to the ipo without a single woman on the board, how dare they?

The ceo responded via tweet.

I don't know exactly what that means, but he did go on to say he oversimplified the whole situation and that there was plenty of diversity at twitter.

But it is a more broad.

A more broad problem in the technology world than just twitter.

This -- costello has his hands behind his back.

Anything he says could be taking any number of ways.

And if you have a falling out in front of investors, that is probably one of the worst things he could have said.

We hear a lot these days about these so-called programmer culture.

>you are a guy and you have a popped collar and drinking all day and slapping each other five-like a frat.

The share of women getting undergraduate degrees is going down.

-- undo -- undergraduate degrees insight is going down.

I don't and i would want to work in that.

From one tech titan to another, spending big bucks in san francisco. is making a huge investment in middle schools to the tune of $2.2 million.

Emily chang said down with the ceo today.

She asked him about the city asking for a donation of ipads.

But what he wanted was to go bigger.

Putting a computer in school is not enough.

Technology is never the answer, but it is part of the answer.

Those principles need money to do what they need to do to make the technology work.

There you go to my an example of the company may be improving its image and doing a good thing . corporate responsibility, a lot of that out there these days, companies trying to improve their image by doing things like this.

Here is an idea.

All of the cash that we talk about that is offshore looking for a home, what if the government were actually two incentivizing companies to bring that cash home and put it into education.

You get some sort of tax credit if you put money into public schools.

That is an idea.


You are on a roll today.

What is going on here?

I watched some good foot all yesterday, i got some good sleep.

You are one of the few who did not go see gravity over the weekend.

A big win -- at the box's office . it opened with weekend gross of $55 million in north america, with one third higher than estimates.

80% came from 3-d ticket sales for the movie.

That is a huge deal because all year we have been hearing about abysmal sales for 3-d movies.

This suggests if you have the right actors and director, you can do well.

This shows consumers are willing to pay up for 3-d. one review said it was the best since avatar in terms of really taking advantage of the medium.

A lot of these movies shoot it and the 3-d is not incorporated when they are thinking about how to shoot it, when they are scripting it.

The praise for this said it was really integral.

Our complaint was it was fine, a little more visual.

This could be kind of cool if you want to go see this one.

Here is what i think we need to do, actually, not just 3-d, but imax 3-d. it was the third best ever opening for imax over the weekend.

It is an example of the lengths that hollywood needs to go to these days to get people to go to a movie.

It's not enough to get people to watch a film.

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