Samsung S5 Is Their Best Phone to Date: Smith

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April 11 (Bloomberg) –- Tribal Group Head of Mobile Ben Smith discusses the features on the new Samsung S5 as it hits store shelves and what's next in wearables with Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The s5, 5.1 inch screen, fingerprint reader, 16 makeup megapixel camera.

A water resistant coating.

Is it any good?

Yes, it is samsung's best smart phone to date.

One minute you're talking about the water and dust resistance, the scratch resistance, and at another point we are trying to explain the baby crane alert, which you can use as an infant monitor.

All interesting features, but that is a broad thing to communicate.

The s4 was often criticized as being a little too gimmicky.

I think samsung has been trying to play up with the success of the s3, much like apple.

They made this giant leap incapability and recognition and the s4 comes out in the name immediately replace it.

They have struggled because the technology is not really improved that much.

You can add an improved camera and screen and the device size as well, there are no giant leaps.

So often they compensate by putting in a lot of software features.

For example, the heart rate monitor, some question about whether there is value putting that into the device.

No big game changing technology taking place, is that a disadvantage for samsung versus the low-end manufacturers , the chinese players that we talk about on a daily basis?

I don't think it disadvantages them against those players because they are not aiming at this end of the market.

Their materials cost and development cost is midmarket, or the bottom end of the market.

Samsung's more challenging task is to explain to consumers why they may need to pay $600, $700, depending on how the device is subsidized, for this very high-end device.

One of the huge challenges is against the likes of motorola and other competitors who were putting in huge competent vices at the mid tier, -- hugely competent devices at the mid tier.

They are saying we don't need a 190080 p screen.

We often focus on apple, sony has announced, htc has announced, and some of the mid rage phones, including motorola and lg.

Are they realistic competition when it comes to the samsung?

They are, and we have had all of the large and players this year.

It is the htx one, the sony is due to be shipping soon.

All of the reviews say these are all very competent phones, the high end of the market, and very tough competition.

Samsung has only really made about one third of its smartphone revenue from high-end devices.

This will not matter, but it could matter on the other devices.

You should expect to see an s5 mini coming out later in the year and also different regional variants on low-end devices to achieve this halo effect from this device.

Caroline was telling us was the incentives, $600 in freebies essentially for the s5, is that a good thing or bad thing?

It is an interesting play.

It may point towards a deficiency, but it shows where samsung may believe there is a gap in their services, so they are shipping with one month storage space, fitness activity trackers, even bloomberg services to give business news.

What it indicates now is as a consumer you did not buy a smartphone, you buy into the ecosystem and you value the service is almost as much as the hardware in front of you.

It is an interesting play.

I think the $600 figure that is bandied about is a little overblown.

Perhaps more interesting is the cash back in incentives in the u.k., where we are at the moment.

Not a lot of people offering 100 pounds cash discount on a device . the average selling price will be a challenge here, and they may have to partner with their operator of phones as well.

The new gear lineup is available to the world today.

The first gear did not go down particularly well.

Is there evidence the mass-market once these types of wearables or not?

Honestly, at the moment, no.

The first gear was clearly a test device.

There have been devices like the pebble which have had hundreds of thousands of sales, but when you pair that with what the scale is like samsung has been achieving, it really does not make a dent at the moment.

The other interesting fact is samsung has their own platform and the rhoène smart watch devices.

They have the gear 2 neo, which is a device that runs on a platform, having abandoned android for the first time.

They also have the gear fit, which is a sports activity tracker.

Immediately, it looks closer to the devices that are selling.

You have to bear in mind it is retailing for almost double of with the sports activity trackers are.

It has this display and it looks beautiful.

However, it is running on a close, proprietary platform.

Do you want a $200 device that may be obsolete if you change or smartphone next year?

Good point, ben smith, head

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