Samsung’s First Profit Drop in 2 Years

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Jan. 07 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg European business correspondent Caroline Hyde reviews earnings from Samsung and market pressure coming from several competitors. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move." (Source: Bloomberg)

The slowest pace of growth we have seen in two years as well.

There is competition coming from the top and bottom.

You have got apple, iphone.

They sold 9 million iphones.

Samsung sold galaxy.

The top and is being saturated to a certain extent.

You have the cheaper and also.

You have lenovo also offering smartphones at cheap prices of less than $100. you have to eat away at those.

The biggest area of revenue is about six percent of revenue.

They have tv units.

That is going to slow down.

The only area of growth is shipped.

In vestors were expecting this.


We look at the share prices.

We were all feasting on turkey and christmas festivities it dropped almost 60%. that is the entire capitalization all combined, so it is a juggernaut of the company.

Investors have been worried about her office.

They are trying to incentivize employees.

That is what ate into profits.

We are in trouble, but we are innovating.

What is samsung saying?

The chairman is saying innovate, innovate.

South korea's richest man controls samsung.

He says we have got to change again.

We need to lead.

They are showing us this.

The consumer electronics show on in las vegas.

Also they are pushing into new smartphones.

That necessity of being able to see your sideways view, that is another innovation.

In all ofthey are innovating.

I am g anding to

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