Samsung Note Unveils Wraparound Display to Offset iPhone

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Endgadget Editor-in-Chief Michael Gorman and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson examine the latest offerings from Samsung as the company unveils two new Note devices and looks at how they stack up against expected new offerings from Apple. They speak on “In The Loop.”

Now being unveiled here in new york and overseas as well.

Cory johnson is at the event.

You got to take a look at the phone.

They announced two phones and a stylus but did not announce a watch, as we thought they might.

The two phones, the galaxy note and then the one they are calling the edge.

Essentially, they bend the edge, so that there is the potential for programmers to program an alarm clock or a stock ticker along the side.

It is exciting to see samsung trying to stay ahead of apple, announcing products that are not even yet available.

Michael gorman from engadget is with us as well.

What do you make of this new development?

We saw a prototype device with the same kind of screen last year at ces, so i can't say it is a terrible shock that they have made the device.

I am a little bit skeptical about the rounded edge of the screen.

I have talked to a couple of my editors that got their hands on the phone and they said that it is basically an extra row of icons that you would not otherwise have when you are holding it in your hand and actually creates a sharper edge that some are compared for.

So you get more functionality.

When the phone is laying flat, you can see part of the screen, so you can provide a clock or a stock ticker to provide small amounts of information, but other than that, i'm not sure what samsung has planned.

So to you, it sounds like a small return on investment?

It sounds like that to me.

It sounds like a niche product.

Is the race for a bigger screen on?

There was a samsung executive talking about the race to make things bigger and brighter.

I was imagining -- i thought that there were going to have a samsung sun and would have a nuclear power device that would blind you.

There is a limit on how big a screen can be.

It all comes down to functionality.

They have spent $40 billion in r&d over the last few years.

Now they have dramatic devices that people want.

I think accidentally, one of their guys announced during the presentation, he put a nail in it saying, there is a lot to be amazed by but nothing to be surprised by.

That really sums up the next big thing around here.

A great way to put it, amazed but not surprised.

By the way, we showed video of this new galaxy note.

You and i talked about this earlier, cory.

One of the things i wanted to talk about, watches.

What has apple learned from samsung's experience in smart watches that we might see on september 9? having this press announcement before they have a product ready may backfire.

We are hearing, if there is an iwatch release, we are hearing it will not be released until next year.

That could be a problem or opportunity for apple.

Any company announcing a product before it ships, they want to feel the market, wait for the customer to hold out for the product.

However, fitbit has been very profitable.

There are heart rate monitors from companies.

The market is already starting to stake out the potential there.

Samsung may make the announcement, but no product today.

Michael, you get the last word on apple.

Do you feel, on september 9, that we will see an apple that has found its voice?

Yes, i think we will.

We are looking at apple, doing things that a lot of people thought they might not ever do.

That has been tim cook's deal.

I think we will see a bigger iphone next week, so sort of succumbing to customer demand, which is a good thing.

Apple has always dictated tased to their customers, and while that has resulted in good hardware, it is nice to see that they are receptive to what people really want, given how much media they consume on their phones.

A lot of people just want a bigger screen.

That is a good thing.

We will see some new initiatives, should we see an iwatch next week.

Rumors about a mobile payment scheme.

They have announced homekit and healthkit, making your iphone the hub of your connected home, monitoring your health.

That's an interesting direction, something that we have seen other companies try to do.

If apple can execute in the way they have in the past, they will be in good shape.

Michael gorman, thank you.

And cory johnson, where samsung

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